Saturday, July 31, 2010

When did I lose a syllable?

With my little man's next monthly update approaching, I thought it might be appropriate to tout the girlie a bit.

I am officially "Mom." A few times I have asked her what happened to the rest of my name. She seems to think that is pretty funny. Every so often out of the blue she will say, "Hi, Mom," and give me a hug. Love it.

She loves the little toys -- Polly Pocket, Petshopt and the like. Then I brought up one of my old My Child dolls (anyone else have one of these? I loved mine!) and she loves to dress it and change it and she calls it her own "Baby Emmett," putting it to bed in her doll bed and sleeping with it as well.

Her preschool teacher says that she seems to be catching on verbally pretty well. She's not necessarily behind with her words, but she doesn't have the best annunciation either. However, the things she says somedays just crack me up.

She still regularly takes a 2 to 3 hour nap. Most days I can coordinate the little man's nap to hers and it is a wonderful thing.

She can be super clingy and needy or she can be fiercely independent, playing by herself for hours. The girl has her mood swings to be sure!

With every day she seems to be growing older. Her hair is getting longer and her little body keeps getting bigger. With, "Mama"being outgrown, I fear she'll be heading off to college next week. Sigh.


Jean said...

she has the best smile. :) It's very contagious!

Carlie said...

Yes! My four year old has started with the "Mom" business too....feels absurdly adolescent for someone who can't tie their own shoes yet!

anne said...

Carlie, it is SO true! Kids these days...