Monday, July 05, 2010

Month Three

Sweet Emmett, you did just what I expected you to do. This past month with you has had a few lows to be sure, but it has had a lot more highs than your first two months. You can be happy in more places than before. When you are unhappy, you are still not quiet about it by any means, but it is much less frequent than previously. 

You took your first long car ride to New York this month. Frankly, you screamed most of the way through Canada. Mama and Daddy bought ear plugs for the ride home. Of course, you behaved a bit better that way too. Still plenty of screaming, but I found a few more tricks to keep you happier and at least mollified. 

You got to meet some great-grandparents, and many aunts and uncles as well. You also slept your very longest--8 1/2 hours! Unfortunately, Mama didn't sleep any of that time since I had a horrible migraine due to climbing back and forth from the front to the back seat of the car what with all that screaming. You also tend to be a noisy sleeper and were sleeping in the same room with us so I kept thinking you were waking up every few minutes. 

Some days you will take fabulous three hour naps by yourself (amazingly at the same time as big sissy!) and other days I need to snuggle nap with you to get an hour or two. But really, who can complain about a baby snuggle nap!? Take today for example. You took half a nap in your swing, woke up wailing, didn't even want to eat and then happily snuggle napped while I tried to peck on the computer.

Darn it, little man, you have become the sweetest little thing ever. Lots and lots of beautiful, gummy smiles and you'll be happy lying on your mat or looking up at the fan or the windows. Then there is tummy time. I've never heard of a baby who actually liked tummy time, but I can plop you on your belly for ten minutes or more and you are perfectly content the whole time!

You love bath time and even got your first sink bath last week. The only part you don't like is the cold breeze when you get out! You're so sweet and chubby I could just gobble you up.

I just can't stop kissing your yummy little head. Every time I hold you close you get piles of smooches. Isn't that what babies are for anyway? Everyone wants to get a piece of you. Especially now that you're less likely to scream at them when they are holding you. Granted, I am still pretty much the only one who can calm you when you do get riled up. It's just that magical Mama's touch. If I hold you just right, get your paci in just perfectly and whack you solidly on your back all is well in your world. Works every time. 

The car seat continues to be your arch-nemesis. Though you seem to be getting a little bit more tolerant, but just a bit. With a few hanging toys and a mirror to look in, you can actually tolerate a short car ride. Unlike your sister, however, if you fall asleep in the seat, you won't stay asleep once it stops moving. It's a bummer really, because that was one of our favorite tricks with her. I guess I can't really complain since you take such great naps in your swing. 

Here's to an even better month ahead, my little punk. Longer sleeps, since your usual time is still only about 6 hours and even more happy times. Maybe you'll even learn how to keep your paci in or effectively suck your thumb. Kisses and snuggles. 


Luanne said...

Darn he's stinkin' cute!!

amy said...

Such a sweetie!