Saturday, September 02, 2006

Best Porch Ever

There was the emptying of the porch. The removal of old rotten wood.

There was the purchase of new wood paneling, carpet, nails and various other building sundries. (I just like using that word. I'm not sure if it means what I think it means.)

There was the caulking of the windows until the very possibility of water leaking was completely prevented. At least for a good ten years or so.

There was the laying and the measuring and the rolling and the unrolling and the cutting and the fitting and the taping and the gluing of the carpet.

There was the priming and the painting of the walls and the cutting and fitting and nailing and painting of the trim.

The windows were washed, the furniture was restained & painted and new cushions were made.

Everything was put back in and arranged.

Now it is cozy and clean and fresh and smells like new carpet. Now there is no more random stuff lying about. Now there is no clutter, no trash, no dead leaves. Now there is a lovely palm tree to make it feel homey and tropical.

We ate lunch in the middle of the new clean floor. This was also one of our fastest projects ever. Two weeks! Unbelieveable.
Feel free to come over any time to take a nap or eat your lunch. Even if we're not home. :) It's a very cozy porch to sit on. I'd be happy to share its coziness with you.


girlieH said...

Fantastic! You have to the love the "new" smell after all your hard work.

anne said...

Oh I know! It's one of the best smells.

v said...

oooh, a hammock, i'm like there.

Seriously, mighty fine job yall did with the porch. The carpeting makes it look very cozy and wonderful.

And great job with the lunch as well; lovely grapes. Though what's in the bowls? Noodles? Cereal?

anne said...

Just good ol' Ramens. :) Mmm.

Jean said...

AMAZING!!! Looks fantastic!! No other way to break in a new porch than with a bowl of Ramens. :)

Kim said...

how lovely