Friday, September 22, 2006

Forward and Back

Welcome to the USA. Everyone speaks English. Everything is so clean.

But it doesn't seem the same here. It all feels different. It's not right.

Was I really just in Kenya two days ago?

I have much to say. Much to show. But it may take me a while to get it all out. I'm emotionally drained and physically exhausted. I'm not sure what day it is or when I am supposed to do what.

Keep watch. There will be much to teach. Much to learn.


BeckyD said...

I'm so glad your home and will sit patiently, but eagerly awaiting to hear all that you have seen and learned. I'm sure what you're feeling is similar to how Brandon felt when he cam home. I don't even begin to understand it, but I'm sure he does...even though your experiences were different...coming home is always the same! We love you and can't wait to "see" Kenya through your eyes!!

Jean said...

I too am glad you're home. :) I can't wait to hear over the next days, weeks, how ever long it takes, about your amazing experience.
welcome home! :)

Anonymous said...

(I think I posted yesterday so my apologies if this is a double post)

Glad to hear that you are back and the trip went well. Really looking forward to your posts on the trip. Of course, when you're less exhausted. Once again, welcome back!

Jen Dudik said...

Preach it sister! Maybe we should sit down and use those Communication Arts degrees of ours to write everything we're feeling since our return from Kenya? It could turn out to be a lovely memoir from the minds of two insane white girls. I'm usually organized but right now it's still a ball of mush in my head. Perhaps we can help each other make sense of it?

Scrapnqueen said...

I can't wait to read the next edition of your Kenya trip. Glad you are home!

Jen said...

Yeah! You're back! I missed you.