Sunday, September 10, 2006


I often wonder if I am too flippant. And then I decide I probably am. Then I wonder if that is a bad thing. And that I am not sure of.

I think I wonder this because so many people around me are often so serious. And that's not a bad thing. There are an awful lot of things in life to be serious about. There's more crap than most of us should have to live through, but we do.

I read so many good books this summer, most of which were nonfiction. Thoughts and ideas and philosophies. My brain feels well used and stretched. I often find that books that don't make me think at all are tasteless and pithy. I can't finish them.

I like random entertainment in a movie. But I also need a film now and then that challenges how I look at the world.

Anyway, all this to say that there has been enough in my life that is serious, and there is sure to be plenty more to come in the future. I need to laugh all the time. My life is lived for smiles. I want to provide the levity, the break, a bit of sunshine.

I hope I do that. I hope I'm not flippant or shallow but that I bring joy and fun and light amidst a life of sorrow and seriousness and bleakness. I just wanted you to know that. That's who I am, that's what I'm made for. I'm always afraid people don't think I'm smart enough or deep enough or whatever enough. But I'm me enough.

I think I'm reminding myself of this as much as anything else.


Jean said...

You are 100% you, all the time. You are very far from being flippant or shallow. More times than I can count, you have brought a smile to my face amidst crappy times. I enjoy your thoughts and thinkings and your seriousness and I also enjoy your laughter and sunshininess and joy that radiates from the soul God blessed you with.

Cheeky said...

This is the first of your posts I've connected with on a level other than entertainment. I enjoy stream-of-consciousness writing. Thanks for making me think today, Anne.

Shawn said...

I've known you what, about 12 years now? And never has the word "shallow" come to mind in thinking of you. You don't have to be terribly deep or philosophical in order to avoid being labled "shallow." Just being down to earth, well grounded, and good natured will take care of that. And all of those things you definitely are. You just keep being you and don't worry how you are viewed. You are a great person the way you are!

heather said...

Oh, Anne. I love you! Every Sunday morning, I look forward to your smile - I love it that you're upbeat. And, I love it that you're deep, too. I love it that you are a thinker and a reader, but you never HAVE to talk about that stuff to feel like we've had a conversation. I love that about you. I'm glad we're friends.

Carbon said...

From what I've learned about you from being in this blogging world:
You are a hard worker, you are very smart and have lots of wisdom to share even though you are young(I think you are one of those old souls, as people say), you are very, very nice person, definitely creative and you love your family and friends. And you are cute too, heck you are quite the all around package lady. I enjoy coming to your blog and reading about your "little bit crazy" adventures. So if you feel like you need to remind yourself go ahead, but, you don't have to do it for us :) We all know what you may doubt sometimes.

Buffy said...

I'm far too serious, myself. I need to loosen up. Be more flippant.