Tuesday, October 10, 2006

How Strong Am I?

I like to learn things. I like to know what I am good at and what I am lacking in. I like to be able to improve myself in whatever I am not very good at. One thing I know, however, is that I am very very impatient with myself.

I want to be a better guitar/piano/bass/percussion player NOW. I have a book for everything. Learn to Play Bass Today. Learn to Play the Congos Today. Learn to Play Guitar Today. But it doesn't seem to work that easily.

And I hate that it takes work, and I hate that it takes time. I want to be able to swim NOW. I can doggy paddle like a pro, but when it comes to really swimming, I'm not so good.

However, there are many things that I am naturally very good at. There is still room for improvement...so I know that potentially someday I could be great at them. And there is still a need for patience, practice and time.

Something hugely significant to me that I took away from the conference last week, was working harder on your strengths than your weaknesses. Not to put all the weaknesses away and never work on them, but to focus on being much better at what you are already good at. Along with this, to focus on the strengths of those you manage or lead.

I am just learning how to be a leader/manager of my little band of musicians. I am just learning how to guide them where I want them to go. I want to encourage them to be strong; encourage them to be great. I am patient with them, I give them time, I tell them to practice.

So I need to follow what I lead. I need to be patient with myself, give myself time, make myself practice. Focus on making myself much better at what I'm good at and a bit better at what I'm ok at. Be more well-rounded, but yet very strong.

Here is my challenge and my question for you: What are you good at? What are you great at? Don't be shy. Be honest about yourself. And along with that, do you know someone who could help you excel at your strongest strength? Because we can't do it on our own.


Jean said...

This is a very good question. I don't think of myself being good or great at anything. Always what I'm not good at (which can become a huge downer). So you've made me think, which is a good thing. :)
One thing that came to mind is that I'm good at organizing meals for people. This is my passion. One of the things God has blessed me with, the ability to do and do well. It has grown me a lot over the past months. Especially in the area of self-confidence, which has been lacking for a long time. So this is good. Ed helps me a ton to think outside the box. What else I could do to grow the ministry. You have encouraged me, in that I'm so good at it, as have Jenna and some other friends. I can always learn more. Be more. Grow more. Patience with talking to people leads to patience with others, with my kids, with situations. I can grow the things I'm ok at into things that I become good at (ex. patience...especially with kids).
I'd say you have an abundance of patience with lots of things, including kids. though we all are our own worst critics aren't we? :)

anne said...

We are Jean, we are.

And sometimes it's so hard to see ourselves as good at things.

Melinda said...


Interesting timing in my life to read these thoughts of yours. Especially the ending questions - what am I good at? What am I great at? Who can help me in that journey?

Because just last week, at Catalyst, I was beginning to wrestle through those questions. And to date, I have no answer as to what I am good or great at. I know they're there, but I haven't wrestled them to the ground yet.

And as for who can help me? I don't know. My best friend is actually moving across the country in a couple of months, so i won't have his help anymore. I have friends, but many who would help me along this part of my journey have moved away.

The beautiful thing? God always provides. He will provide people in my life, in your life, in everyone's life, to help us in this journey... We don't have to walk it alone.