Saturday, October 07, 2006

What is Driving Me?

Is it a meaningful book I've read? A book that changes the meanings of words and redefines concepts in my heart.

Is it a successful event I've been a part of? Pulling off something I didn't think would ever come together.

Is it a trip I've been on where I felt as though my entire world was turned upside down? As though when I got back I couldn't breathe anymore and didn't know what to do with myself anymore but I had to do something.

Was it a really great sermon? Someone speaking profound truth into my ears so loudly I couldn't help but listen and understand and know.

Is it whatever I consider to be my passion? My love for doing what I do and being who I am and becoming myself more every day.

It is all these things. But it is all these things in the love of Christ. Without His love I don't have passions. Without His love there are no great sermons or great books. Without His love I wouldn't go on trips that change my world or be able to be a part of events or work. Whether I realize it on a daily basis or not, the love of Christ is my one and only driving force. It is why I get out of bed in the morning, why I bother to have friends, why I choose to leave my house or drive my car or go to dinner. It is why I want to serve the children, to give to the hungry, to meet with the lonely, to pray to my God.

It's not profound, but oh, it's so true. And oh that I remember it.


Hillary said...

Great post, Anne! It's so good to remember the reason we do things. I find it SO easy to loose that perspective at times (ok, most times!). Thanks for the reminder. :)

Jean said...

yes..thank you for the reminder. It kinda goes along with today's sermon too that we know our identity. It's in Him. We are his children. He is our reason for living.

kerrianne said...

And oh "That I may proclaim it fearlessly, as I should." (-Paul)

Awesome, Anne. So awesome. And also: amen. : )

Anonymous said...

ezok i just must say annie that you must put me on your blog. visiting you fav. aunt,nephew, great dinner at the fish market!etc.just your overall great experience with me