Monday, October 16, 2006

Why You Shouldn't Talk on Your Phone When You're Driving (Really, is it too much to ask?)

Remember how we were a one car family? And we were ok with that. Not a big deal. We work at the same place so that makes it pretty easy most of the time to get around.

Well, now we're not a car family at all. Just in time for winter, we decided to bike everywhere. Just seemed easier. Save some money on gas and all.

About two years ago we were a two car family. Had a nice little car and a nice little suv. All very happy and cozy. Until someone ran a stop sign and plowed into me on my way into work one day. And we were sad. It was a good little suv. But we grieved and moved on. Made our peace with the world.

About five hours ago we were a one car family. Had a nice little car. All very happy and cozy. Until someone ran a stop light and plowed into my husband on his way home from work. And we are sad. It was a good little Cavalier. A red Cavalier. I had had it for many years.

And now. Now we are not a car family anymore. Both vehicles have been violently taken from us within walking distance of our home. Where do we go from here? We were thinking about buying a new car within a year or so because we weren't sure how long ours was going to last. This has moved up our buying schedule much sooner than we were hoping. Our savings is not ready for this development.

It's such a depressing situation. And I know that if God will provide a way for me to get something silly like my luggage returned to me, a vehicle will be just as easily provided. There's not a "but" at the end of that thought, though it feels like there is.

"But we don't have enough money right now."
"But I don't want to get a huge car loan."

All I'm really saying is, "But I don't trust God enough to provide what we need." I do trust. I don't even have to think about it to know that I trust completely. Maybe I just needed to say it out loud to know it. We'll get something. It will be what we need for carrying what we have, for future use, and for our budget. It will be better than we can hope or imagine.

Thanks for listening. Thanks for your prayers.


Scrapnqueen said...

Hi, Anne.

I don't know if this will make you feel any better but...

When I returned home from my missions trip to India in 1998, I decided to buy a car. A good car, for once, not the one that would cost me $320 to buy and $1500 in less than a year to keep on the road. So I got a $6000 loan and bought a cute little Saturn SC-1 that was less than five years old. I loved that car.

Four months later God sent me to college. I was not planning to go, so I had no money saved up, and actually had to increase my loan to pay for my tuition.

Towards the end of that school year, my cousin started rooming with me and my other roomies. She made some bad dating choices, and one morning I woke up to find that her fourteen-year-old delinquent boyfriend had stolen my car, picked up a buddy, got high, and went out to B.C. to dodge a court date for stealing a motorcycle.

This was on the morning of the rehearsal for the biggest event of our music program's school year--"That's Enterntainment!"--which had a good deal to do with our final mark.

I loved that car. I did see it again--in a crumpled mass, which was the result of a high-speed chase with police through the mountains. I had a lot of valuable (to me) things in it, that were never retrieved. Plus, because I had increased my loan, even after the insurance payout I still had to keep paying for the car.

It was hard to forgive. But I had to.

It was harder to let go of that car. But I needed to--it was becoming an idol to me. And, my next school year was much less stress financially without it. (We moved within walking distance of the college, and I took cabs home from work.)

I'm just saying. Most of the time the situations that really really suck also have good things come out of them.

I hope you find your silver lining sooner, rather than later.


Amanda Hoeksema said...

My husband and I are selling our toytoa 4 runner. It is a great reliable suv with 107,000 miles. It is red, 1993, with leather, brushgards, moonroof, and 4 wheel drive. It has a little bit of rust and some some cracked leather in the drivers side seat. We are wanting to get rid of it fast and are asking around $3,800. If you want to take a look at it feel free to give Michael or I a call @ 334-9799 or 308-1074.
(I am Cheri Rogers' daughter)
Best of luck,
Amanda Hoeksema

heather said...


Anne - I'm so sorry... this is a huge bummer!! Do you need to borrow a car for a while?? We have two (and I'll be gone this weekend...

let me know!

Nate said...

Thing number one: Very glad you guys are ok.

Thing number two: when it comes to choosing a new vehicle, how does "armored tank" sound?

anne said...

Thanks guys for the encouragement!

Andy is fine, he said he wasn't even sore this morning so that's good.

Thank you, Heather for the offer...we do have a loaner for a little bit until we figure out what to do. It's all just rather overwhelming to me.

And Nate, I have thought about it. With our history, it might not be a bad idea...

James said...

Hey Anne!! Its been awhile. Sorry to hear about your Cavalier. At least Andy's okay. Hopefully everything works out for you guys.

anne said...

Thanks has been a while. Have you been lurking? :)

Oh, and I appreciate the option, Amanda! I will keep it in mind.

James said...

Not really. I am ashamed to admit i haven't been keeping up on your blogs. Shame on me. Besides the car incident, I hope all is well with you. I'll try to keep in touch more often. Bye!

anne said...

James...very shameful indeed. What, like you're busy at work or something!?

BeckyD said...

So glad Andy is okay! We're looking to get a new car soon too...trying to prepare for a hopefully expanding family, but I didn't realize getting the car we want could be so expensize. We just finished paying off several loans and thought it might be enough to cover a new car payment, but now it looks like it will be at least double. So, like you said, we'll stay confident in the fact that God will provide the PERFECT car for us at the PERFECT time and PERFECT price. Praying the same for you!
P.S. If you think of it...please pray for us...Hannah broke her collar bone this morning falling off the couch while sleeping and it's very difficult to keep an active 2-year-old down and keep an arm in the sling! :)

Mommymaki said...

Girl, that sucks. Really...

But I'm glad the two of you are ok, that's the thing to be most thankful for.

It will work out. It's not gonna be easy I'm sure but it will work it's way out somehow. I'm sending out some positive vibes.

anne said...

Oh no, Becky! I am sure it's so hard to keep her occupied but also inactive. I'll definitely be thinking and praying for you guys!

Thanks will, I know and I totally appreciate your encouragement! :)