Monday, December 18, 2006


I do dumb things all the time. Walk into walls, babble through my words nonsensically (sometimes it's a dain bramage issue) or write teh instead of the. *ahem*

Not that I'm necessarily absent-minded, or flaky (I hope?) or whatever, but I am definitely impulsive and often act without thinking.

Or I could have been distracted. Who knows.

Last week I sold quite a few things on eBay. Very excitedly and as soon as payment would come in, I'd pack it up and ship it off.

A couple of the items didn't sell and so I immediately re listed them. You may have found me wandering aimlessly through my house looking for more things to sell...

At this point, I would like to clarify. I am normally a very organized person. However, somehow or somewhere I got all confused. Yet I didn't realize my mistake until days later.

Today while checking my current listings, I noticed something really dumb. Not just "Ah gee, I just locked my keys in my car" dumb. But embarrassingly and problematically dumb.

I shipped the wrong thing out. I shipped out an item that hasn't even sold to someone who bought something completely different. Com-freaking-pletely different. Now really, to my credit, they look a lot alike, have similar manuals and are about the same size, etc. The husband claims that he knew I was doing it wrong at the time but I assured him I wasn't. Of course, I don't recollect this conversation at all.

So I had to swallow my pride today and email my buyer and inform him that he was about to receive an incorrect item, and would he please send it back to me so I can mail out the right thing? No, this isn't the end of the world, but I created a huge pain for myself and now I'm hoping that one of my items (the one I mistakenly sent out) doesn't actually sell.


Please tell me you've done something dumb recently? I would like to salvage just a little bit of my pride...


sarah cool said...


I not only have done something stupid, I HAVE DONE THE EXACT SAME THING AS YOU.


(However, I ran to the Post Office downtown a mere 3 hours after I sent it, and they hadn't shipped it yet. I filled out a TON of paperwork and got my package back.)

It was the worst feeling in the world when I realized what I did. And yes, you're right, I just did feel SO STUPID.

Anne - don't beat yourself up, though. In the grand scheme of things... very small. It will be okay, friend!!! :-)

And... AHEM... if your husband knew what you were doing, he should have made a bigger effort to stop you even when you insisted. :-)

heather said...

oh, dear.

anne said...

Thanks Sarah!! That makes me feel so much better! :) *Deep Sigh*

I know, Heather...that's exactly what I said too.

Jen said...

You can end the other auction early for the item that is already sold. People do it all the time. Based on the fact that the item is no longer for sale, it is absolutely permissable to do so and cause less of a headache for yourself. I think you just go in to look at your item and there will be a "revise this item" link and it is probably from that screen that you do it, I am not sure. But I have seen auctions ended early hundreds of times because the item is no longer available for sale. Try it, at least.

Shawn said...

Ok, well I do dumb things all the time, but I couldn't come up with a good recent one, so I'll tell you one my in-laws did instead ;) About a month ago they bought tickets for us to go to the symphony Christmas special with them. There were two performances on sale.. last friday night and saturday night. We told them we were free that saturday night and so they bought tickets. We get to the show, they look at our tickets on the way in to point us in the right direction (1st set of eyes), take the tickets at the entrance (2nd set), then someone shows us to our seats (3rd set). We sit down and in about 5 minutes the hostess brings other people to our same row.. and same seats! We look at ours again.. they were for the friday night show!! No one ever noticed on our tickets. My wonderful dear sweet in-laws had bought the tickets for the wrong night and never even looked at them! So Eddie went to the ticket counter to see if they would be willing to help.. no refunds, no exchanges, no exceptions. But then, thank God, my wife remembered a friend of hers who works there in the ticket office and he happened to be there that night. So we went and talked to him and he just printed off 4 new tickets for us. Granted they were the top of the balcony, but at least we didn't have to go home :P So there, that's my dumb story for the day.

anne said...

Thanks for the advice Jen! That's a great idea...

Shawnie, that's so cool that she had a friend that hooked you up! That would have been such a huge pain to have to leave!! HA!

Jean said...

Hmmmm amazingly enough, I haven't done anything dumb recently, but I have gotten lost coming home from your house. Twice.
And in sewing the straps on my bag, I ended up sewing the opening shut.
For Ed's 30th birthday I realized I forgot to put the date on the invitations after sealing all the envelopes (with stamps on them mind you). Steaming sealed envelopes open really does work.
I'm sure the e-bay person will be more than understanding...

Carbon said...

I feel your pain. I'm too tired to tell you all the stupid things I have done, but, it's been plentiful. Everyone has those moments. Everyone

Michelle B said...

um, just tonight the husband and I were leaving to go to dinner and I was driving. We hopped in the big car and I put it in reverse and it came to a quick stop when we ran into our other small car which I had parked right behind us in the driveway when I came home from work. Heh. All I could do was laugh. Thankfully we were slow enough to not cause damage.

anne said...

Oh Jean... :) I think I would have just sent the cards out and called everyone!

Thanks is good to know...soothe the ego just a smidge.

HAAA!! Michelle, that is hysterical!! I'm glad you didn't cause any damage...which is why it's ok that it's so funny!!

Jen said...

It happens to the best of us. Keep your head up!!

Scrapnqueen said...

I've been selling on eBay for a while, and although I never touch my product, having a drop-shipper for a supplier, I have actually sent THEM the wrong order, or COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN AN ORDER!! This one is very bad, and I have lived in terror that a stupid mistake like that will cost me my 100% Positive rating--it only gets to be 100% until ONE person decides they didn't like you or your product. So far, so good, though! Whew!

(Plus, I do dumb stuff all the time. Everyone does. It goes with the X chromosome. That does not imply that women do twice as many dumb things as men. It also goes with the Y chromosome.)

Frannie Farmer said...

Oh Anne,
I have done far too many to list. In fact I experienced 3, rahter expensive, stupid -what.was.i.thinking. - mistakes today.
Don't feel bad, at least you recognized the issue before it got to the buyer.

the pearson c.a.s.t. said... husband tony has done some dumb things lately...for one, he went downtown to the court to drop something off for me [very nice of him] was pouring, so he grabbed an umbrella and ran inside. after 15 min of hassle with the metal detector, he finally got to complete the drop off and get back out to his car. searching for his keys, he couldn't find them. he called me thinking that he locked them in his car, but when he got to it, he saw smoke...and lights...and...he left the car running, with the doors unlocked, right in the middle of the city - crazy man! [sorry, long story].

AND! i sealed 3 envelopes for rebates last week without the proper info [ok...tony, again did this...] but I tried to steam them open, and ended up burning the receipts! ha! i didn't have as much luck, jean! :D