Friday, December 22, 2006

Of Pillows and Purses and Aprons

This year, being on a tighter Christmas budget, I decided I would make a lot more of my Christmas gifts. (The ones I didn't make, I bought using coupons and gift cards!!)

Now, I don't claim to be an amazing seamstress, nor do I assert that there is an excessive amount of creativity in my bones. There are many others who posess so much more than I. However, I am quite proud of my little gifty creations. I had fun, did a splendid job and am looking forward to putting some joy on people's faces!

Anyone who is interested in having me make them an apron or purse or pillow, just let me know! I've got it down to an art!

Oh, and I made a bunch of cinnamon ornaments as gift ties. They smell so great and are really cute!


Jen said...

Those are great gifts! The handmade stuff is always the best.

Cheeky said...

I can't decide which apron is my favorite 'cause they're all so darn cute! Did you make a bag or apron for yourself? I never of these time you host a sewing party. Love the gift ties too--you are great!

Jean said...

Look at your bag!! Looks much better than my bunny one. Did your MIL love it? Mine cried. :)
Your aprons and pillows are adorable. :)

anne said...

Thanks! I loved making them and my MIL loved her bag & apron! I still have the rest to deliver.

Never made anything for myself...though I did finish some curtains last week! That sure counts as a gift to myself. I don't have to sneak through that room anymore in fear of my neighbors (or the school children) catching a peek!