Tuesday, December 26, 2006

What'd Ya Get?

I have to say I was immensely pleased with Christmas this year. Now don't get me wrong, I have been striving to pull myself out of a materialistic hit I'd been struggling through. I asked for very little this year and only when pressured.

What do I need? As a happy, healthy American, pretty much nothing at all.

I asked for books. And I got more than I really could deserve. Besides my much-coveted books I also got a couple card games, a movie and some fabulous speakers for my laptop.

However, my favorite gift of all, the piece de resistance if you will, was nothing truly material. It's not something I can sell on ebay (well...maybe I could, but I doubt anyone would buy it) and it's definitely not something you could find in a store.

I was still sick on Christmas. On a day usually spent enjoying family and reflecting over the birth of our Lord, well, I still did both of those things. But I did them from the comfort of my couch and my glass of Sprite. Really, it's one of the worst holidays to be sick.

My husband gave me the gift of laughter. He always knows just how to make me smile, to show he cares in the most effective manner possible. He drew me cartoons to go with each of the gifts he gave me. Small gifts, but made so huge by his creative efforts.

If I showed them to you, you probably wouldn't think they were funny at all. But I was laughing so hard when I first read them that I was positively crying. Every time I look at them again I am just filled with love for him and I just keep giggling.

Thank you, my husband for your love. For your creativity and generosity of heart. You are God's gift to me and you show me His love in so many ways. I will never be able to deserve you. :)

What was your favorite this year?


Jen said...

A letter and daughter book from my mom. She always knows the perfect gift to make me think she is the greatest in the world.

BeckyD said...

lingerie from Italy!! I know, very materialistic and not sentimental, but my hubby bought it himself and he was thinking about me on his trip! So, it makes me feel special! First time he's bought me something like that and he made a perfect choice! But we haven't opened all our gifts yet...waiting until the in-laws come later this week...so we'll see!

Jean said...

New jammies and christmas dishes and P&P. We received so much this year that it was so humbling that I just wanted to cry. I was so thankful to be able to spend Christmas with our family and parents. I would've been happy not to receive anything. It was a very humbling Christmas.

anne said...

Jen, that sounds so sweet! Those kind of gifts ARE the best. :)

Beck!! That's fabulous! No, that really is sentimental in a romantic way! (maybe you'll show me when we come to visit?)

Jean, you're right, it is very humbling to receive so much. And I'm thrilled you got P&P! Can't wait for you to bring it over for next year's annual watching tea party!! :)

Buffy said...

I struggle against materialism. Go back and forth for a whole week over whether to keep expensive gifts or send them back.

This year I decided to keep my T3 hairdryer.

If I took care of my body like I do my hair I'd be smokin. I don't. I do have lovely hair though. I think.

Yeah. The T3 Evolution. Best Christmas gift this year.

anne said...

Good hairdryer, huh? I need to get myself a diffuser for days when I want to go curly... :)

kerrianne said...

My favorite was having Chris here. Just having him here, for good, was enough. Everything else was a bonus, indeed, but really, I didn't need much. Chris and Russian Teacakes, and I'm all set. ;)

(Oh, and also! You WON. The contest movie-guessing game, I mean. I owe you so much mail right about now.)

anne said...

YAY!! I love winning...did you get your prize yet, by the way?