Friday, January 12, 2007


Thank you to all of you who sent well wishes. It's been almost a week and the grieving is easier, though there are still little reminders of sadness. However, the other kitties seem more loving and more snuggly so that has helped.

Anyway, I have been trying to be as productive as possible to keep myself busy. The hallways have been painted this week and all that needs to be done to finish that up is a bit of touch-up, staining a table, picking up and hanging the new light switch plate and a cute new key hook. Tomorrow I'll be sewing the curtains for the windows. I love the new color and the freshness it brings as soon as you walk in the front door.
Actually, that's not really all taht needs to be done. I am planning on printing, mounting, and hanging a ton of family pictures on the upstairs hall walls. So my project still has several aspects left to be worked on before I am content...I'm not taking pictures of the final project until it's really DONE.

I also made another very cute apron with a friend (red with a very cute black & white polka dot lining) and am currently finishing up a beautiful grey wool skirt for a wedding I'm going to tomorrow. More pictures will be forthcoming!


Radioactive Jam said...

Upstairs hall walls seem to work well for vast numbers of family pictures. I was skeptical, but my wife understood this and "suggested" we try. Yours will look great I'm sure.

Glad the kitties have Stepped Up.

Jean said...

Can't wait to see your final product of the hallway! And your sewing projects too. :)

Glad to hear your heart is being filled with love from the two girls. :)

Frannie Farmer said...

Well, you certainly are a multi-talented one .. I can't wait to see the apron .. sounds lovely.

kerrianne said...

I'm glad you are feeling better. And it certainly is not silly to mourn a beloved pet. I have never had a puppy, or a kitty, that I could miss, but when I do, I know it will be difficult. I cry at Hallmark commercials. Thinking of you. And yes, excited to see the new projects. :)

anne said...

RJ, I think it will work out really well! I've wanted to do a big pile of pictures for over a year now, and just haven't gotten to it, so I'm actually pretty excited! :)

And yes, I am too. They've done very well at their job.

Jean, I'm looking forward to seeing my completed projects too...sometimes it feels like they are taking forever!

Frannie, I'm not really all that talented yet, I'm just willing to give it a try and see what happens!

Kerri, thanks for your thinking of me... :) It does help! And I suppose I shouldn't watch any Hallmark commercials for a while, huh?

heather said...

wow! i didn't know you MADE that skirt! it is fabulous. I noticed it and was jealous. Looks great on you, too. :)

anne said...

Thanks, Heather!! I was a little nervous it wouldn't fit quite right, but after a bit of adjusting and such, it was perfect! :)

Jen said...

Glad to have you back. Mourning is necessary, but thankfully you have other cuddly kitties to keep you happy. Can't wait to see the apron.

Carbon said...

I feel like I gotta dust off my sewing machine and start up a new project myself. I have a few in waiting.

Good to see you busy, keeps your mind off of things :)