Saturday, January 27, 2007

What a Couple of Losers

I've never really been a big fan of squirrels. Out in the woods to see them scampering up and down trees is OK; their big bushy tails swishing back and forth.

However, when they're in my yard eating my vegetables or terrorizing the birds, I have a tendency to yell at them. And I will admit that I have thrown sticks at them before. Don't worry, I have terrible aim.

For the past three months or so, we have had two squirrels living in our soffit. It is not open to the attic, just an enclosed space all the way around the top of our house. I could hear them tearing around after each other, racing each other in a mini marathon, sometimes stopping to fight and then taking off again.

This week I finally hired someone to repair the spots where the metal pieces were unattached, enabling the squirrels easy access in and out of their little 'home'.

One squirrel was trapped out. One squirrel was trapped in.

One squirrel now has no ability to get to the food he has been storing up for months. One squirrel now has no ability to get out to a water supply.

The one that is stuck on the outside has been running up and down the tree right by the house chattering and trying to find a new way in.

The one that is stuck on the inside has been running around in circles trying to find a new way out. And he has been pounding on the siding...I think he can see a little bit of light through a crack and is trying to bash his way through. Unfortunately for him, once he smashes through all he will do is fall two stories straight down.

I'm not a squirrel hater. I do feel sad for the squirrel who is trapped and for the squirrel who now has to start from scratch to store his food.

Yet there is also a sense of success in knowing that very soon they will not be burrowing into my home any longer. They will not have a chance to destroy my siding or make a mess of the entire soffit.

And the whole this is really really funny.


someone in pursuit of who she is said...

Ya da-da da da-daaa! Super Squirrel!

Poor widdle guy. I suppose if you finda squirrel faceplanted somewhere along the perimiter of your house, you'll know what happened. Hopefull he gets out before he dies of thirst, cause THAT can't smell good.

Jean said...

no...dead rodents don't permeate pleasant aromas.

though they are pretty cute from afar and in Charlie and the Chocolate factory..

glad your home is fixed though. :)

Hillary said...

Jean, you'd know first hand, hey? I still remember your mouse saga!!! :)

Here's hoping you get rid of teh tree rats!

Hillary said...

Oh my goodness... after reading your post, I was reminded fo this really hilarious squirrel story I read a while ago, and went on a hunt to find it.... turns out it was YOU who linked to it! OH that story made me laugh!

Frannie Farmer said...

We have squirrel issues as well .. they love, love, love bird seed and it seems that no matter how creatively we place the bird feeder in a tree - those fat boys can get to it - they will even chew through the plastic to get to the seed.
We have a metal feeder now (our 2nd - the 1st one the swung so hard that it fell and broke) .. it seems to be working for the moment ... good luck!

sarah cool said...

HAHAHAHAHA... Anne!!!!! These poor squirrels!!!!

"Unfortunately for him, once he smashes through all he will do is fall two stories straight down."

That might have been the FUNNIEST, non-sympathetic escape scenario I have ever heard.

blog Portland said...

Kinda harsh, but I'm sure the little one will find a away out. A two story fall probably wouldn't hurt it too badly; I've seen a squirrel bail from the top of a tree taller than that and live to chatter about it.

kerrianne said...

I love this story. Critters are pretty hilarious, indeed. Especially "intelligently challenged" ones. ;)