Saturday, January 20, 2007

This is the Upstairs Hall

The hall without paint here on the left. You can kind of see the cutting in around the trim.

Which looks surprisingly like the hall with paint here on the right. It's just a bit lighter than the downstairs green. Honest. It's green.

But after a long day of work, the Picture Project is finished! The hall can be named Complete.
It seriously took us all day long. Scanning old pictures in. Then taking pictures of some of the ones that didn't scan well. Older pictures really don't scan very well.

There are a couple more that I need to photoshop and I am actually out of frames, which is phenomenal because I have always felt like I seem to have a million of them floating around the house. Anybody have any extras that are interesting? I would like another red one or at least something colored.

The trick will be to keep them mostly level with each other. Fortunately, we don't live near trains or have many serious earthquakes.

Though the way the cats tear through here I'll be lucky to keep them on the walls at all.


Jean said...

Looks fabulous! I love all the old pictures. who are they of? could you narrate? :)

anne said...

Good idea Jean! (it's me, but I can't sign in) And if you click on the picture, it gets big enough so you can see everything pretty well.

Ok top row left to right:
*Cammie my kitty when she was little-tiny.
*My Grandma as a little girl facing Andy's Grandpa as a young woman.
*My Grandma as a teen (she's just really photogenic!)
*My Grandma again. Darn cute.
Next Row:
*Andy and his roommates after their apartment fire. Lost absolutely everything! Bought goodwill clothes to try to go through the ashes, but nothing remained.
Red Frame:
*Andy & his Grandpa playing guitar; Andy, his dad & Grandapa; Me & my brother when we were little; Andy & his sister when they were little; a bunch of Grandmas & Great-Grandmas with Grand-kids.
*A bunch of girls at one of my annual Pride & Prejudice Tea Parties; and I can't see the other gold frame so I don't remember what it is!
*Two of my very best friends just this Christmas.
Here's where the rows get messier:
*Aunt and two cousins.
*Little me in a little pose.
*Andy and a bunch of guys at basketball.
*Two aunts and little me.
*Me & one of my college roommates.
*Arial view of my house growing up.
*Andy's Grandma & Grandpa
*My Great-Grandpa & Great-Grandpa when they were first married.

Whew! I hope all that made sense!

Frannie Farmer said...

I love it. I love that you can make it all so eclectic and yet it doesn't look chaotic, which is how mine look whenever I attempt to put them .. so I haven't.
Thanks for the narrative - extra cool!

Kris said...

That turned out great! I would love to do something like that, but it is such a struggle because the enginerd that i am tries to force me into symmetry and equal face time for each person...and the project would be impossible to complete :(

kerrianne said...

It is weird that at first glance I read your title as "The Hallway HELL"? Yeah, probably. : )

It looks great! I'm a big fan of picture walls. And picture halls, for that matter.

blog Portland said...

Looks great. Just one problem. Where is the pic of your favorite pointed-eared, potentially distant relative? Ahem.

anne said...

I don't believe that relative ever sent me a photo. If said potential relative were to send such a photo it would inevitably be framed and hung proudly with the rest.