Saturday, July 21, 2007

It Only Took 9.5 Hours



Jean said...

I'm guessing I know what you did all. day. long. today. :)

Did it end like you expected?? :)

anne said...

Well, duh. :) We did leave to get lunch for about an hour in Easttown. We discussed riding our bikes, but I said that would take up too much of my time and I didn't have much to spare!!

I just passed the book over to the husband. I sure hope he gets some sleep tonight!!

And it ended perfectly. I don't know if I really had any expectations or not. But it was perfect.

Hillary said...

Holy Moly!

Heh, so I must have called right while you were out having lunch! Typical! ;)

Laura Randall said...

Yay! I finished at 3:00 this morning. Such a great book. A perfect finish.

Jen said...

Good for you. I want to read it but I am two books behind. My friend is going to give me hers so I can catch up. Can't wait!