Monday, July 16, 2007

Same Breakfast Every Morning

Gotta give the baby what it wants. I can't seem to do dairy first thing in the morning, so this is what I make. I've become somewhat obsessive about my egg and toast nowadays.

Sunday mornings I usually only make it out the door with a piece of flax seed toast and organic peanut butter since 20 minutes is my max 'get ready' time.

Here's a question, dear any of you have a secret for making eggs over easy without breaking the yolk? See, when I put the egg in the middle of my bread I can keep it perfectly, but without the bread I break it every time!


sarah cool said...

If I were doing it, I would break the egg into a shallow ladle.... and then tip it out of the ladle into the pan from a very close distance. :)

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!

Anne said...

It's the flipping part that gets me...I can cook one side just fine and then when I flip it to the otherr....ahh well.

Jean said...

I was just going to say, "it's all in the flip". :)

I used to cook my dad egg sandwiches all the time and not break the yolk...though I can't remember how I did it.

Try this:

Though if you need to flip it, maybe you take the egg off with a spatula then turn the pan upside down so it's over the egg, so the egg doesn't have as far to flip over, and then turn both over at the same time... I know how it looks in my head...explaining it is another story..

Stacey said...

I've never been a fan of eggs prepared that way. I can, however, make some mean scrambled eggs! :)

Anne said...

I don't know, scrambled eggs are Perfect. :)

Dawn said...

No tips other than the flip thing.
I like the yolk broken. Runny eggs sorta gross me out.

Carbon said...

that's a toughie... I"m still working on how they get the caramel in the caramilk bars ;-)

Anne said...

Now that's a tricky one Carb!