Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Month Three

Apparently all you did this month was sleep as those are almost the only pictures we've taken. I need to get better at taking more pictures of you. You just keep getting cuter and sweeter every day. More than once I have found myself thinking that I just cannot stand how sweet you are.

You had your first Easter this month and lots of good time with your Grammy and Papa. You've been great at entertaining guests especially since you tend to cry whenever Mama leaves you alone.

You are still an exceptional little sleeper. Your nap times seem to be getting shorter, but your night times are just as long and lovely.

That's ok with me since you are happy to play on your play mat or sit in your swing or be carried in your baby pack whenever I need to do a little work around the house. You always let me know when you feel the least bit neglected and in need of some cuddling.

You also seem to poo less. That sure is better for diaper washing. Not to mention that you don't get as grouchy in a wet diaper anymore. While you're not a huge fan of being wet, you won't fuss the second you want to be changed.

Your new favorite game is running. You love for one of us to grab your legs and pump those little feet as fast and they can go. The silent giggles are overwhelming. You could run for hours.

Peekaboo is more fun when you hide than when we do. Here again, you are filled with smiles and giggles at finding us appear from behind your hands when we move them around.

No matter what the problem may be, Mama can always solve it. Quite often when no one else is able to do so. Last week you went from being the favorite, sweetest baby in the nursery to being the baby about whom they say, "Well, she sure is a screamer." They can hear you all the way down the hall and people wonder where you get that from. Daddy says you're going to start your baby rock band any day now. It's not just crying. No, it is a shrill, piercing screech when you are angry. Yikes.

You have forced me to start exercising more faithfully and eating more thoughtfully to work off this belly you made. I blame it all on you. And a little on your daddy. It's his fault too. Oh, the changes you have wrought in my life. No more thoughtlessly eating a whole pan of brownies or lazing on the couch for a week. Sigh. Mean ol' baby.

You, my sweet girl are growing up far too fast. It's only been three months, but it feels like we've had you forever. I can't wait to see where you take us next.


Kristi said...

Thanks for sharing. What a sweet baby girl! A very wise friend put things into perspective when we were talking about our kids. She reminded me that we should feel honored that we are their comforters. As moms, we get to be the ones that can stop the tears or comfort them back to sleep after a bad dream or hug them tight when they need it. Sometimes I need to be reminded of that after being awake for several hours at night. :) The good and the not so good, we are so lucky to have been given such a gift. Thank you, God! Enjoy these sweet baby days!

Jean said...

She's so sweet! Her smile is going to break many a boys' hearts in years ahead.. :)

Jessica said...

Being a mom is absolutely wonderful! And I agree, this stage is going way too quickly...

Stacey said...

She's already 3 months?!? I can't believe it!

She is so beautiful! And I love how you can fix anything. That's what mom's are for! :)

Becky Dow said...

Happy Birthday, Anne! I don't know if you're home or Mom said something about you possibly being there. I know it's not for good reasons if you are! I will be praying for you!

Andria said...

Wow! I can't believe that's it's been three months already! She is so beautiful! I just love her hair!

I can see a lot of both you and Andy in her. :-) said...

I still remember re-reading my baby book when I was in high school and laughing with my mom about how peek-a-boo and patty cake were my favorite games.

(Happy! Day of Belated Cake you to, too, babe. I hope it was an awesome one.)