Sunday, April 06, 2008

Week 1

I started a lot of new things this weekend. Ok, I started two things. It just feels like a lot since they are pretty huge things.

1. Running

Yesterday morning I was in the flower garden cleaning out last year's mums (a job that should have been done last fall) and morning runners were going down the street training for the big race in a couple weeks. It's a half marathon and a pretty big deal around here. Watching them made me want to put on my running shoes and pound some pavement.

So I did. All the way around the block. Maybe even around two blocks. Tomorrow I'll try it again, but on the treadmill. I can't very well leave the baby alone in the house while I run, now can I?

2. Seeds

Friday I started all of my spring seeds, a chore I love and look forward to every year. Getting out the seed trays. Filling each spot with dirt. Selecting which seeds need to be started now and which can wait a few more weeks. Poking little holes. Dropping in each tiny seed. And finally watering each tray and putting the plastic roofs on top.

Now I just wait for teeny green shoots to poke their heads up and make an appearance.

These things are huge because they aren't simply one-time events. The seeds need to be tended daily to ensure they get enough water but not too much. I need to run daily to lose the weight I need to and get back into some semblance of being in shape.

They're also huge because it will be easy to ignore them but they're both so important to pay attention to. If I ignore the seeds they'll either wither or rot. If I ignore my workout the numbers on the scale will just continue to creep upwards.

Here's to week one!


Frannie Farmer said...

Good for you! I envy you taking a run, I have never been able to do it ... I thought that maybe after dropping the weight I could but I still can't - I just walk fast.
We're starting seed trays next week (God willing!), I can't wait!
Thanks for stopping by and offering encouraging words!
And congrats on your sweet dream baby ... I know I haven't commented in a month of Sunday's but I do lurk :)

Kris said...

I started seeds last week too, so exciting! I ran 2 miles a few weeks ago when my game was's been too long. ouch. I think I need to find someone who wants to sell a jogging stroller though, it's just too nice to be inside!

Jean said...

yay for seed planting!!

and speaking of planting, I have a pot of tulip bulbs with your name on 'em. :)

anne said...

We'll see how well I do with the running...And I've been watching Craig's List for a cheap enough jogging stroller myself!

Ah yes, Jean...I have a spot in the garden slated for your pot!