Monday, April 07, 2008


Today being another beautiful day here in West Michigan, we took a lovely long stroller walk. We live very close to a fabulous well-kept biking trail through the woods and over the river and it was a great day to listen to the birds and look for the first shoots of green everywhere. Ducks and geese swam along with their partner, dry leaves rustle and bikers ride by as we take in the beauty of the spring.

I spent much of the hour and a half that I walked (while baby slept happily) praising my Lord for His generosity and love. It can be overwhelming when you really stop and notice your blessings and the goodness of His gifts. As tiring and draining as winter can be spring is so energizing and encouraging.

Of course, for the next hour or so after I returned home, my hands were strangely tingly from all the vibrations up through the stroller handles!

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Jean said...

Love her hat! teehee! Glad you were able to get out and enjoy the creation as it comes back to life!