Thursday, February 05, 2009

Food or Fiction

We've apparently passed the, "I don't want to eat that" stage and hopped directed into the, "give me more, give me more, give me more" stage. Sometimes I can't feed this kid enough! Though, when it's not what she wants and there IS something else she would prefer, a fit will inevitably be thrown.

She seems to enjoy a good fit now and then. She is definitely not a fan of getting changed. Especially when said fit would cause poo to go all over our body and clothing during the changing. It's lovely, really.

I couldn't help but just laugh at her today. I was able to get her cleaned up, and though much screaming and twisting and turning ensued, a new diaper was put on. However, the tantrum didn't end there. One would have thought she was worshiping me with all the bowing down and arms thrown at my feet if it weren't for the sobbing and tears that went with it. Course, she could have just been repentant. It was just hilarious. She's too little to be offended so I got a hearty chuckle at her sad expense.

All that to say, she has been so super sweet and adorable lately. This kid gives the best hugs, wrapping her arms tight around your neck and patting your back. I can't get enough.

In other interesting (only to me, I know, but this is my blog for my own posterity, right?) news, the kiddo has been sleeping through the night. Every other night. For some reason, one night she will be up for hours whining and fussing in her bed and the next night she'll happily sleep 12 hours in a row. Keeps me on my toes, this one does.

Plus, it also appears that if I put her down at juuust the right time, she will nap for three hours straight. This is great for getting tons of housework done. Or for a lot of internet downtime with coffee and my blogs. Or whatever.


Anonymous said...

Randall's got spunk!
Got another blog for you to add to your list:

Luanne said...

...definitely internet downtime with coffee and blogs :)

anne said...

I can't believe you waited this long to tell me you had a blog, Anita! Stinker... ;)

It sometimes is very refreshing isn't it? Missed you last night Miss Lu!

beth said...

she certainly is being quite the drama queen lately!! glad the cuddlyness in the girl has stuck around... :)

Kris said...

All that sounds very similar to what I deal with every day (and night!)
It is always exciting, isn't it?

And, we have that dress too, it is my favorite. We bought it as a dress for her to wear to a wedding, and now she wears it as a shirt. (9 month size on a 16 month old.) I guess that is what happens when you are 3rd% for weight, and 25% for height!

Kris said...

oh, and I am loving the 3 hour naps...but wonder if that is why she dosen't sleep well some night....

Jenn said...

We're going through the, inspect-the-food-before-i'll-eat-it phase. Whatever baby. It's nutritious. Just eat it already!

Jean said...

I just can't even imagine that little person of such great cuteness throwing fits. Are you sure you're not dreaming these things? :)

Rest times are the bestest.