Monday, February 02, 2009

Saved By the Mailman

Some days my head is less screwed on than others.

Today seems to be one of those days.

My list is long:

1. Fix and finish taxes on Turbo Tax. Something went awry and I want to get it submitted.
2. Dishes
3. Laundry - clothing & diapers
4. Tidying
5. Sweeping, vacuuming, dusting. Ugh, it's a mess.
6. Send out thank-yous and birthday cards.
7. Work on baby book--I'm actually almost finished.
8. Work on blurb photo book--I'm almost finished with this as well.
9. Program music and lyrics for our family production this Wednesday.
10.Make dinner for tonight and plan a menu for the week.
11. Start my small group study book.
12. Sewing repairs. The pile is small but they are things that urgently need fixing.

For some reason, it seems like there is likely more to be done, but this is all that is coming to my brain right now. At any rate, in the midst of my working this morning, I got most of my thank-yous and birthday cards written and mailed with no concern for any consequences.

Who would have consequences for mailing out birthday cards anyway?

Apparently, I would.

Half an hour after I retrieved my mail from the mailbox, there was a knock on the door.

"Great," I think. "Here I am in my bathrobe, jammies and glasses on." It was noon and still I hadn't yet gotten myself presentable for the day. (Hey, back off! It's Monday, what do you expect? I'm lucky I'm getting so much done as it is!)

I open the door to find my mailman standing there.

"Is this yours?" he asks.

He handed me my credit card. Apparently, I had tried to mail it.


Jenn said...

Yikes! That totally sounds like something I would have done. Plus, and, your day's list looks like my WEEK'S list. How do you get so much done?

Cheeky said...

Oh wow--that was nice of him to return it and not go on a Jolly Postman shopping spree first!

heather said...

Oh my GOSH! I have to admit, my first reaction was a big ol' laugh - I know what it's like to have a million things to do and to buckle down, only to do something silly like that. Your mailman was very nice to bring it back to you!

Jean said...

HAA! I know now you can laugh about it. :)

That's quite the list for a Monday! And well done on the books! You have a busy week and it looks like you've got it wrangled down and under control. :)

You amaze me. Doing all this with being sick! You're super mom-wife-cooker-cleaner-biller-who-kicks-some-...-woman!

Anonymous said...

that's absolutely hysterical! Hmmm...the perks of being a mailman.

Joy said...

all I could do was laugh!!!!!

Scrapnqueen said...

Hi, Anne! Just catching up on some old posts, and had to say--THIS is funny. I've done some crazy-busy sleep-deprived things, too. Thanks for sharing with us!