Monday, February 23, 2009

Some decisions are harder to make than others.

It's generally pretty easy to choose what to wear in the morning. Is it warm? Wear flip-flops. Is it cold? Put on a sweater.

It's not a hard choice to pick between a vanilla latte and plain black coffee, for me, that's a simple decision. I'll choose the latte any day.

When I get the chance to buy a new book, it might take a little longer to peruse the aisles and find a way to pick between the good old classic or the newly acclaimed title.

Then there are the decisions about how to raise your kid. Choosing what is the healthiest to feed them, how to train and discipline, which toys are or are not safe, where to send them to daycare/preschool/school etc and so forth.

This week offers us another chance to make a decision. It should probably be put in the medium-decision folder. It will definitely impact your life, but it doesn't compare to the which college to go to or who to marry folder.

This week marks the beginning of the Lenten season. Tomorrow we will be heading to IHOP for free pancakes and enjoy a dinner (or brinner?) of stuffing our faces with syrup and starch. Wednesday we will be heading down the block to Sacred Heart to participate in an Ash Wednesday service.

This year I am finding it difficult to decide what to give up for Lent knowing that whatever I take out should be replaced with time spent with God. I need to start a spring cleanse as winter eating has definitely caught up with me. Frankly, I just need to be spending more time with God. There will probably be some tv cut out as well as some computer time.

I've still got two days to decide specifically.

What are you giving up for Lent this year?


Jean said...

One thing I am looking forward to also is the Ash Wednesday service at church. It's not something that we have ever attended and I think it's a great thing to start. :)

And pancakes? I'm totally there!

Kassi said...

we don't observe Lent, but I have often wondered if maybe I shouldn't try. I'm not sure what I would give up though...actually I do. It would be recreational internet use...which would be really difficult, but probably a good thing. Hmmmm...maybe I will observe it this year.

Luanne said...

I think I am going to give up being lazy...

Anonymous said...

Sugar. This includes wine. Ugh. God's has already seen A LOT of Anita. It's only day 2.