Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Hearts

Today was a busy day running around. There was a haircut to be had for the hubby (at which point he remembered that he had left his dress shirt for work at home and we had to stop at Target for a replacement) a free lunch from Moe's to be picked up, then off to work for the afternoon and evening.

Baby girl loves going to church. There are tons of new fun toys to explore and she spent at least twenty minutes or more climbing into and around the infant bouncers and the exer-saucers. She was exploring her roots.

Fortunately, she went down easily for a nap so I was able to prep for work. Since I planned to teach tonight, I had to learn my story and check the props as well as get my regular stuff set up and ready to go for my own volunteers.

There were quite a few missing pieces this evening, but there were also a great group of people who were willing to just pitch in and fill empty spots wherever they were needed. I can never get enough of that kind of amazing attitude!

After a long night and a great service, we tiredly headed home to prepare dinner and put the babe to bed. She soaks in the people and attention from everyone around but crashes soon after getting home. What a nice surprise to find valentine's in the mail from The Grandparents.

It's time for that chicken pot pie I just took out of the oven and a little bit of tv recorded from last night before we crash into bed ourselves ready to go to work again tomorrow morning. Weekends are long, but they are good.

Happy Hearts Day to you!


Kristi said...

Little Miss sassy pants...she just makes me smile! The kids still play "baby Randi". Happy heart day, my friend!!!

Jen said...

Wow Anne. I cannot believe how big she's getting! How's life with a toddler.

heather said...

she is so stinkin' cute! i hope Z starts to like going to church :) so far, it just means being with a bunch of strangers during her fussiest time of the day!

i made chicken pot pie on Friday - it's just that kind of weather, isn't it? did you use Luanne's recipe?? i LOVE her recipe!

hope to see you again soon - i miss you!

Jean said...

Happy Love Day (a day late)

Anonymous said...

she's ADORABLE! Happy belated Valentines Day, my friend.