Monday, June 12, 2006

It Was a Bright, Sunshiney Day

Today was my first real day with only one job. Last week didn't count as I slept through it all. Today was my first real day of "rest".

I got up at a reasonable hour this morning. About nine. Paid some bills. Ate some breakfast. We watched four hours of Alias and finally finished the first season. We played tennis and I planted some beans and peas and more spinach.

What a beautiful day. So this is what people look forward to on a weekend! Who knew!?

Rest is one of those things that you know you need to do. Sometimes your body screams at you to rest and throws you into sickness. Seems like if I can avoid that, I will do so. I didn't put away laundry today. I didn't make the bed. I did do the dishes, but only to avoid ants. I didn't even take a shower until 5 pm. I played outside. I sat on the couch.

I love Mondays. If I have a case of the Mondays, I will be glad about it from now on. Monday takes on a whole new meaning now that it is my Saturday. Hooray! Three cheers for Monday!

It's crazy because so many of my friends right now are starting new phases of their lives. First babies, the beginning of their careers after years of school and jobs they don't like. And here I am, basically taking a step back. Slowing down. Working less. I love my job. I am more thankful than I can say that I am able to work the way I do. I am blessed. And it's time we had lunch! What are you doing Wednesday? I'm free.


Jean said...

i'm going to the park for lunch. wanna come? :)

Jen said...

You are sooo lucky.

Carbon said...

I'm glad you are enjoying life. That's what it should be about... good times.

n said...

I'm so glad to hear you had a wonderful Monday! I'm jealous, but hopefully my day will come someday. It's not easy putting a husband through grad school...

I had a wonderful time with you last week. I wish we could have lunch on Wednesday again! I really need a vacation now that I'm back, but I'm just going to try to relax after work this whole week. That's the closest I'll come to being like you for awhile... :)

anne said...

I wish you could have lunch with me tomorrow, N. I miss you already. You are a very good wife and I hope he appreciates you...I'm sure he does!
Hey--you need to email me as I don't have your work address at my "new" job.