Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Close Call

I'm a little shaken up today. I just took out the trash.

Which in itself is a crazy, crazy thing. My husband and I signed an agreement before we were married that he would take care of the trash and I would make the bed. (Yes, I got the better end of the stick)

And it's even more crazy, because my brother is in charge of the trash now that he lives with us. He has two jobs here. Trash & lawn/snow. He is usually pretty good about it too. However, he is off traveling the east coast and visiting friends and family right now.

Hubby didn't do it because he had to be out of the house before 6 this morning. Another crazy, crazy thing.

Anyway, I was sitting here happily at my little desk reading emails and such, and I noticed my neighbor go outside his house for a moment and come back in. (My little desk is perfect for watching all activity on the sidewalk....) I looked a little closer and noticed he had just put all his trash out.

Crap! I totally forgot to remind hubby last night about it! Down I run through the house to collect everything before the truck comes.

There was a bunch of stuff stashed in the garage as well as in the back hall waiting to go out. *Gross warning* As I picked up the ties, I noticed that the one in the garage had piles of maggots crawling all over. Luckily, the ties were long enough that I could easily avoid the nastiness.

Phew. I got it all out and ready to go. All is well. La dee dah. Walking back into the house and *GASP* there is a nail through my flip-flop!!! Ahh!! I stepped on a nail! The horror! The pain!

Ok. Ok. Just a gash, not straight through my foot. Ok. Breathe. Yank out the nail. Throw it away. Note bleeding. Sheesh. What would I do if it went through my foot? The neighbor would have to take me to the hospital!

Fortunately I've had my tetanus shot within the past 6 years. What's the length of time on that?

Ah well, the trash truck just came and went. I am bandaged and all will be fine. I think I'll ride my bike later.


Jean said...

what an exciting way to start the day. maggots are gross. Nails are worse. I'm glad you didn't step in a pile of maggots or grab a handful of nails. though i am sorry you stepped on a nail and that the scary neighbor with the equally scary dog didn't have to load you in his huge truck and tote you away...

Carbon said...

I once had a nail go right thru my foot. NOT FUN. I would milk it when the hubby and bro come home. Get them to cater to your every whim. "I can't get up, my foot hurts, can you bring me somethign to eat?" he he he.

Tetanus shots are every 10 yrs i believe.

Jen said...

What a morning! I agree with mommymaki. Milk the crap out of the foot with bro and hubby.

anne said...

You'd think. But I believe I'm getting no sympathy from hubby. Sounded like half-sarcasm and mockery. Well, just wait until he has to tend to the wound!!!

Scrapnqueen said...

I can't think of many things grosser than maggots. I just got to take care of a maggoty-garbage-can episode myself the other day. Okay, I didn't get the heaves, but I did feel a little light-headed and nauseous from the ammonia-heavy decomposition fumes in the can they were in. Yuck.

Love the melodrama. Hope the rest of your day went better.

Buffy said...

I actually had to stop reading at the mere mention of the I don't know what happened.

Hope your foot didn't fall off.

anne said...

Queen, I can't either! I luckily didn't have a stomach aversion to them ...but it was pretty close. foot is firmly attached. Thank you for your concern. :)

kerri anne said...

I maintain that you should now be declared "forever exempt" from trash duty.


anne said...


BeckyD said...

Hey Anne-girl!
I'm away for a few weeks and look what you've done to yourself...!!! :) Actually I'm not even home yet, but finally remembered the address for your site so I thought I'd take a look-see and discover what you've been up to! And to my dismay, you've spent my time away sticking nails in your foot! I hope it gets better quickly! My Mom stepped on a toothpick once when she was younger and it broke off in her foot! I'm glad you were able to get it out quickly and bandaged up!

I'm still in NY...Shelly came over on Tuesday to chat for awhile and only at the end of our conversation did I remember it was her birthday. For some reason I always think it's the 24th, but remembered in the middle of the night that it was indeed the 27th and I would need to make sure I said something when she came by...well 4 hours into our talk, I finally remembered!

Hope your day is going well!!

anne said...

Oh, I am in so much trouble. I completely forgot. It was on the calendar and everything. Crap. It almost makes me not want to call her because she's just going to be mad at me the whole time. Crap crap.

Hey! Good to hear from you! It seems like it's been forever!

Lesleyc said...


Maggots and blood! What a yucky beginning to the day! Hope your foot heals quickly. Indeed, tetanus shots do last 10 years, so you should be clear of that, at least.

I love your stories, even though some of them come from your pain!

Kim said...

That’s what you get for trying to scam “hubby” out of the good end of the bargain

anne said...

Lesleyc, thanks for the encouragement!

Luke, are you saying that I should have left the joy of the maggots to Andy?