Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Same Font Different Book

As I'm sure the rest of you are, I've been busy. It's almost silly to say it, because it's expected to be true.

Family has been in town from Florida. Sadly, they've been sick much of the time and haven't been able to do many of the fun things we all wanted to do. But at least they've been able to relax and get refreshed.

I'm getting tan. Which means that you can still see my veins in my legs, but they're getting fainter. I don't mind the paleness. It is part of who I am. But it is nice to have shiny, brownish legs in the summer. I am quite careful of my face, however. Sunhat, glasses, sunscreen. I found an excellent makeup this summer that has spf15 and great light coverage.

There is nothing better than days free to sit and read. Days free from stress or constriction. Days to lie on the roof and enjoy the beautiful sunshine.

I still don't have that magnificent rooftop garden yet. But I will. Even if I don't plant anything in it this year, it will be great to have it built and ready to go for next year. I have let my spinach grow to long and it is past eating now. The roof garden will be perfect for spinach and lettuce and other shorter-rooted items. I also want to have large pots of flowers and even a few trees to make it feel lusher and a bit more exotic. We'll see how all that goes. I don't know how well the trees would last over the winter.

Tomorrow my husband is going to smash a hole in our bathroom wall. He has purchased a much-needed venting fan and has been plotting how best to install it for several days now. We have a lovely mold colony that needs to be destroyed and kept at bay. So, the fan will go in, the walls will be bleached and scrubbed and re-painted.

We bought paint today for the hallway and stairway. I'm also thinking of ripping up the carpet and refinishing the stairs. Anyone good at floor refinishing?

Plus, our new garden shed is in and needs to be picked up from the hardware store. I'll be building that this weekend also.

We never do home improvement half-heartedly.


Carbon said...

So much for the free time to sit, read and relax huh? Yikes! I feel your home improvement pains!

anne said...

I know...you guys are crazy reno folks! But it will be so worth it when it's all done, right!? :)