Wednesday, July 05, 2006

There's a Hole in My Bathroom

Where there used to be solid, painted wall, there is now a gouging hole. I am not able to stick my hand straight outside as there will be twists and turns, but there it is. The hole.

The hole that will bring an end to mildew. The hole that will refresh the misty, steamy air. The hole that will bring clean air where there once was only stale.

Ok, that makes my bathroom sound way worse than it is. It's a nice little bathroom, just no ventilation fan. Yet. But yes, there is mold on the walls. We bleached it off a while ago and painted Kilz over it, (go out and buy Kilz now if you don't already have some...even if you don't need it right now, chances are that someday you will and you will thank me for my foresight) which worked for a time, but soon enough there were new spots of mold where we had not painted.

The annoying thing is how many times this bathroom has already been painted. Assumedly because of the mold. Someone just cleans it and paints it and they think the problem is all taken care of. Until next time.

I really hate the look of overly painted walls. You can just tell. But that's another of the joys of owning a very old home.

There is dust everywhere. Everything is off the walls and all of the doors are shut. I think we may have to shower elsewhere for a while. Fortunately, that just means going upstairs. Though the 'bachelor bathroom' is exactly how you would expect it to be. So I suppose you could say we'll be slumming it for a bit.

I am so anxious to be painting. And cleaning that mess up. Cammie appears to want to help too.


kassi said...

We have a small unventilated bathroom as well. It is actually attached to a larger ventilated bathroom. But unfortunately, 'someone' likes to keep the sliding door shut whilst taking a shower which only contributes to the dreadful mold problem.

Also, unfortunately, we are unable to make it of the drawbacks of renting I s'pose.

Jean said...

you could always use Cammie's assistance and let her walk through the paint and decorate the floor...just a thought...

Andy made a very nice hole :)

Diane Blackburn said...

Hi, Anne. Some friendly advice, you should take mold seriously. Molds are actually dangerous to our health, because it can aggravate pre-existing conditions such as allergies and sinus problems. Mold build ups are sometimes found on spots that we see blindly. Have your bathroom checked by professionals. They can help you out by completely removing the mold and fungus in your bathroom. Also, they'll give you advice on how to prevent them permanently.