Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I Have No Idea

Cory has asked a question with which I have been stumped. Who knew it was possible. Therefore, I am going to pose my theorizing, but am going to leave it open as it appears he is looking for a specific answer that I have not been able to find.

Why can't I play basketball outside in the rain without getting wet?

(10 bonus points for the original askers of this age-old question)

Now, if you are playing outside in the rain under a roof or a tarp or a tree or if you have a hat on, it is possibly that you could avoid getting wet. If you were as fast as Superman or had some kind of super water-repelling clothing, you could avoid getting wet. Otherwise, the reason you can't avoid getting wet is because it is raining. And rain is wet. And you are under the rain. Therefore
you cannot avoid getting wet.

However, if anyone has a better answer than this, I will award them Cory's promised ten points. And who doesn't want ten points!?


lisa said...

I think the reason you get wet is because if you protect yourself from the rain as Anne suggests then you will sweat from the exertion of playing hoops; that is unless you are a girl. Girls don't sweat. Whether it is the rain or your sweat, you're going to get wet under the net.

Kim said...

Is it because your brain perceives the sensation of being wet and your consciousness cannot transcend your basic senses?

cory said...

ejm - i love that answer! i can tell deepak is rubbing off on you already.

Anonymous said...