Friday, July 07, 2006

To Be Read

Last weekend, we drove south to meet my in-laws to pick up my sister-in-law and her husband. We met them in a nice little Michgan town near Indiana. We got to the town first and wandered around to kill some time.

The town had a gorgeous old library. We figured there was no better place to spend time than in a beautiful library. But it gets better.

They were having a library sale. And the best kind too. The kind with the little sign that says, "A buck a bag."

I didn't find many books that I had heard of before. The shelves were full of old volumes from years past. So many intriguing stories, not read anymore. Not perused, not pondered, not loved.
So we adopted a few. A few novels, a few biographies, a few histories. Many good beach books. Several excellent sunny day books. A couple for rain storms.

I just finished another Dean Koontz novel. He always holds my interest and I constantly find myself biting my nails during the endings.

The next on the list is The Western Coast. I really know very little about it, but it looks like a good read. I'm trying to get in at least one or two a week this summer. Amidst the painting and building and gardening.

Any other titles I should add to the list? There are many more pages to be turned.


amy said...

You can never go wrong with Pride and Predjudice (or any Jane Austin Novel). BUT have you read the Samuri by Shusaku Endo? Very good, very sad and very thought provoking....

anne said...

You are so right....I haven't read that book. We have "The Silence" by him though that Andy has read and liked. And I've always wanted to read that one too. I need to pull all the books from the different sections of my shelves and keep a couple selves of "to be read".

Krisco said...

That sounds like fun!