Friday, July 07, 2006

And Then There Were Ten

Ten holes in my bathroom. Now with electrical wiring!

Plus, I was explicity warned not to touch the sides of the exposed outlet. I apparently have a tendency to do that. Sheesh, it's not like I've been shocked more than three or four times.


Carbon said...

Ohhh, fun fun fun!

You'll be happy when it's all done. We plan on doing our main floor bathroom next year. It has no fan either and water always ends up on the floor cuz the shower curtain never keeps it in. (this will be our third bath reno!)

anne said...

Maki, your house is going to be amazing when it's done!

I will be happy when this is done! Hubby hopes to be finished tomorrow even!

Jean said...

10 holes? Why so many? Was Andy having too much fun?

Are you just tempted to touch the outlet and see what really happens? Like morbid curiosity?

anne said...

You know I am!! I always just grab it because when they're not attached it's too hard to plug something in. Ah well, I've been good. :)

He had to run new electrical wiring to the fan from behind the vanity and can't cut through the studs, so he does a hole here, drills a small hole through the stud, cuts another hole on the other side to catch the wire and etc. It makes sense really when you think about it. Look at the picture again and you'll get it. The "light will turn on" if you will... ;)