Sunday, July 09, 2006

Five or So

It seems I have been tagged by Krisco, and must reveal information about myself this sunny Sunday.

Five Things In my closet
Which closet? I use THREE! They're all really small closets, I swear. Ok, I know, it's excessive.

Closet 1: Shoes & clothes & gift bags/boxes
Closet 2: Shoes & clothes & purses
Closet 3: Clothes and everything else that I don't know where to put somewhere including, but not limited to picture frames, table, bedspread, clock radio, shelves, sewing drawers & basket, etc.

Five Things In My fridge
Leftover spinach & feta pizza
Vanilla Frappuccino
Fresh asperagus
Sobe Green Tea
Greek salad dressing
Milk, bread, condiments, eggs, yogurt, lettuce, carrots, etc and so forth

Five Things In My car
Cell phone charger
Beach chair
Jumper cables (everyone should)

Five Things In My Purse
Lipstick (four or five tubes)
Contact solution
Etc other women's-type things

Ok, Amy & Nikki & Heather & Jean, it's your turn. This was an easy one...


cory said...
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n said...

I'll get right on it... :)

Krisco said...

Your fridge sounds yummy! You guys eat well.

(and sorry to read about the all-night partying. As much as a bummer as that is for you, don't you just feel so sorry for those kids? Yikes. That is just sad.)

anne said...

I do feel sad for her kids. Even if they weren't there at the time, that's just not a good atmosphere for anyone.