Saturday, August 19, 2006

Ah! My Eye!

I know people are funny about eyes. I'M funny about eyes. I don't want to see, hear or know about anything gross having to do with eyes. When I go to my optometrist (who is actually a nephew of one of the presidents) I hate watching the little videos they have playing about different eye diseases or procedures you could have.

I would love to have the laser surgery. But I might be too freaked out to get it done. Unless they put me out. That would be ok.

Anyway, the reason I say all this is because I seem to have a zit on my eyeball. What!? I mean, I do break out more in the summer but really? On my eyeball? Of course, I don't really know that that is what it is, but it sure looks like it.

We tried Googling it last night but to no avail. We actually found a site where a lady asked specifically about the same situation, but never posted any solution that she had found.

It has been there for over a week actually. So if any of you "real" friends have seen me and wondered what was wrong with me, I wasn't hung over or on drugs I swear.

This morning it has faded. It's a much tinier zit now. So weird.

Drinking my coffee in my hotel room at my computer. Hubby in the shower. Quiet and relaxing. We're going shopping this morning before the wedding. I think it's one of the first weddings in a very long time where neither of us are involved with any responsibilities.

It will also be very nice not to have to work on Sunday. Don't get me wrong, I love and adore my job. I love the kids I work with and I really like serving them and all that we do. But it is also very tiring. And neither of us have had a Sunday off in months. So we get to sleep in tomorrow and then drive home to participate in the evening service.

Enjoy your Saturdays. I hope you are all very productive while I am out shopping and eating and drinking it up!


Jean said...

I'm glad your zit is fading (though I have not seen it, but I haven't seen you since Monday either). And that you are coming home today. And that you were able to sleep in this morning :) And drink as much coffee as you wanted. And went shopping.

anne said...

Look at you! Blogging on a Sunday morning... :)

Andria said...

Hope your eye heals quickly, that's no fun at all!

Thanks for watching the film I posted, he did it as a tribute to his best friend that died unexpectedly about a month ago. It was a healing thing for him and one that is very close to his heart. I think the feedback that he has gotten from people that have seen it is helping him too.

I'll be sure to pass your kind words along.

Take care!

kassi said...

I was doing the same thing (going to a wedding, not having a zit on my eyeball)...though I was a bridesmatron, so I was embroiled in responsibility. :)

defiant goddess said...

Ew. The eye thing sounds very unsettling. Hope all goes well.

I've thought about getting lasik too but I'm scared.

Carbon said...

I have a weird thing about eyeballs too. My hubby is interested in getting laser eye surgery and I'll be jealous when he goes through with it because I'd like to see clearly too. But, I too wish they could just put you under for the procedure. The thought of it all makes my skin crawl.

Marcia said...

I'm the same way about eyes!!! It just freaks me out when anyone even mentions an eye injury to me.

I can't even watch that scene in Kill Bill Vol. 2.

Kim said...

that is awesome, can you pop it? if you do, you should video tape it so you can put in on youtube or something

Scrapnqueen said...

Hey, Anne. I wear thick, thick glasses or contacts, with some slight astigmatism. And even contacts have really been buggin me lately. My dream has been laser surgery for years, until I heard about this. I originally heard about it from this site, and have been debating getting his course, because first, I was mad as heck that no one (no doctor) has ever mentioned this to me, and second, Dr. Mercola has a lot of good advice that has built up credibility with me, so if he says that the Bates method worked for him personally, I believe him.

Thought you might want to check it out.

Hope you enjoyed the wedding.

james said...

crazy stuff...heather h. and i had weddings to go to that day also..i was in pittsburgh though. long drive, over 6 hrs. great time though. hopefully your eye cleared up by now. bye.

Anonymous said...

Some pretty flowers for you.

I saw them and was reminded of your green thumb.

Kelly said...

Anne, I hate to tell you, but what you have (had?) on your eye is commonly referred to as a "mote". I'm sorry for noticing it.

Get it? Get it?

I noticed the mote in your eye? Get it?

I hope you get rid of it soon, pal. xo

anne said...

Ok folks, I talked to my optometrist on Sunday (it's so handy that he goes to my church) and he told me what it was (some word I don't remember and couldn't pronounce) and that it was basically an allergy type thing and unless it hurts or bothers me, that it's just fine. So good. All is well. It's still there, but apparently that's ok!

And Kells, I thought your computer was too slow to see my blog!? It's good to see you here!