Friday, August 04, 2006

A Nose is A Nose

I'm getting around to answering all the questions I asked you all to ask me. I told you that I've been out of the country, and a few of my adventures while I was there. (there are more of those coming, too)
I told you about the time I almost went to jail. Traumatic, that.

Here's another good question.

Jean: Would you ever get your nose pierced again?

Absolutely. I got it pierced the night I was leaving Jerusalem to come home. I liked having it. Probably partially because there were so many people opposed to it. The only reason I took it out was because I got a job that made me. And there was a job I interviewed for that, rather than asking me to take it out, just didn't hire me.
I've thought about getting it done again. Maybe sometime soon. My job doesn't have a policy against it. What do you say, Jean? Want to make it a date?

The saga of the marriages is on its way. That's one of my favorite stories.


Jean said...

I'll make it a date ONLY if I can be a spectator. :) You tried getting me to pierce my belly button and you know how that went over.

Carbon said...

Do you have a scar from where it was still? I always wondered if it healed up well.

anne said...

Oh scar. : ) You'd never know it was there. Which could be kind of sad. Huh.

heather said...

ooh, fun! i'm definitely piercing my nose again... but this whole professional job is really getting in the way. maybe when i'm a mom.

anne said...

Good call! As soon as I get preggers, I'll take out the belly ring and get my nose done! :)

heather said...

perfect! i'm going to e-mail you a secret... :)

kassi said...

I am wanting to get my belly button if you go, I'll go :)