Friday, August 11, 2006

Fabulous or Foul?

What do you think?
I love it!
It's hideous!
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Jean said...

you did a stupendous job refinishing them and i think they fit perfectly in your library. :)

Shawn said...

Ok- so I love the frame.. nice size chair, pretty color wood... but it needs to be recovered.. badly ;)
That's just my opinion though for whatever it's worth!

Kris said...

Totally depends on where you put it!

anne said...

Well, it's going where it is. That room with that color by that window and that bookcase.

Sure hope it fits, cuz that's all I gots. :)

Scrapnqueen said...

We're talking about the chair, right? 'Cause the cat is definitely fabulous! ;-) The chair probably looks wonderful in that room--the green would look magnificent in a red room like that.

Do you have a retro-type theme going? 'Cause if you do, the whole look is definitely fabulous!

Or, as Dora the Explorer would say, "Fabuloso!"

Kim said...

I hate the cat. I love the chair. Just kidding Anne, i hate the chair too. Actually i love them both. ah, whatever.

kassi said...

I love how you stuffed the cat to look so alive. Fabulous job!

The chair is nice too. :)

(actually the chair rocks, I love that style)

anne said...

The cat is always fabulous.

And I'm glad most of you love my chair!

Carbon said...

Great job. Nice fabric.