Friday, August 11, 2006

Many Marital Meetings

I've been married four times. For five years.

Four times I've had the question, "Do you take this man?" asked of me. It was simple and classic, it was beautiful and fancy, it was quick and functional, and it was casual and friendly.

My family is all in another state, and my mother isn't able to travel, especially not for a whole weekend. I wanted her to be at my wedding. But I also wanted to have a big fancy wedding and invite all my friends locally. And I couldn't do both. Could I? And if I did, would I remember to do everything I was supposed to do?

Two wedding dresses & two veils. One my mother's, one my own.

Twice standing at an altar reciting vows and receiving rings. Three pastors, two ceremonies, two rituals.

Twice we sat at a table with three friends and repeated a quick set of the same.

Twice we had huge meals with many family members and tons of friends to help us celebrate.

Once we had a normal meal with a few friends who joked and smirked and winked.

Three times we cut the cake.

Only once did I smear it.

Once we jammed and danced all night long.

Once we forgot our marriage license. And once we filled it out incorrectly. Twice we had one notarized.

But now it will be five times that we have celebrated our marriage. Five years that have passed since we laughed over forgetting so many things. Five years since we first were man and wife. Five years since we were second man and wife. There are still a few more months until our fifth third and fourth anniversaries.

Am I wiser, truer, braver? Have I grown stronger, tougher, more faithful? Am I cuter, sweeter, more giving? I hope so.

He's more honest, more willing, more open. He became more handsome, more serving, more thoughtful. He does more than I ask, gives more than I deserve, provides all I need.

I never have more fun with anyone. I always trust his judgement. He never treats me badly. He always puts me first. We never doubt the future. We always embrace the present.

I love you, my sweet. My George, my pooh bear, my snookie-wookums. My tall, handsome hero. My pirate. I adore you, I treasure you, I respect you, I believe in you, I love you.

Five more years will pass us by too quickly. I wish we could stay in today forever.


Kristina said...

I'm so confused ;)

Jean said...

Congratulations, congratulations and congratulations. The next one will come at your later anniversary dates.

And yes you are still so very cute. :)

What was I thinking that you posted this this morning, before 9 a.m. Then looked at the time and was relieved to see that you posted last night and were not up so early on this, your anniversary day. :)

Congratulations my friend. :)

Shawn said...

Congratulations Anne! Wow, five years?! I am so glad you are happy and that you have such a great man in your life. You deserve it! Enjoy your day and congrats again :)

Carbon said...

Wow, that was a nice tribute! Happy Anniversary! You two look like such a beautiful and happy couple! The years always seem to whiz by so quickly!

coolcat said...

Anne, this is such a sweet post.

Five weddings to the same man.

One word - Amazing.

Happy wedding anniversary!

Sasha said...

I hope your husband won't mind me saying this, but I really don't think I fully understood the meaning of "as cute as a button" until I saw you in those wedding pics.

Please tell us though that you really don't call your husband "snookie-wookums." It's just so....darn it, I've just censored myself. :-)

anne said...

~Kristina, we had two wedding ceremonies to account for my family and my friends. But we forgot to get our marriage license, so we did that when we got back. But we screwed it up so we had to do the whole thing all over again. Hence, four marriages! :) I imagine that means it really "took".

~Thank you my sweet Jean.

~Thanks to you too, Shawn! I know you will be!

~I know, Maki! I can't believe how quickly the time has passed already!

~He is amazing, cool. I'll tell you that for sure.

~Um, thanks Sasha...I don't think he'd mind. And I have to admit, I have called him quite a few really silly rhyming names. He's only embarrassed when his coworkers hear me. :)

Jen said...

That is so lucky. I would love to just find the freakin man. Then I would be satisfied with one wedding. Congrats!!

kassi said...

That is so wonderful! God bless you both abundantly...forever!