Thursday, August 31, 2006

I'm Married Again

Not that I wasn't married. (ha ha) But I really hated not having a wedding ring to prove it.

This was really quite a saga also, and as everyone knows, I love a good saga. Maybe because it reminds me of the greats. Gone with the Wind, etc.

Warning: Boys, I realize you care little for diamonds, jewelry or anything remotely related. There will be much discussion of such herein.

Here goes.

On our five year anniversary, hubby & I went out for dinner to a very fun Japanese steak & seafood place. Hubby knows my favorite foods. They cooked it right in front of us and the chef was quite adept and flinging about his knives and other various metal items. Flames abounded. It was fun and delish.

I suggested we pop into a jewelry store that happened to be across the street, "just to look." Famous last words of mine more than once. I, of course, was in the mood to shop. We ended up walking out with the promise that I could pick up my newly sized, set and soldered wedding ring. I was ecstatic to say the least! With only a faint niggling down in the pit of my stomach. Which was easily ignored.

It was a 1.29 carat diamond for an amazing price...nothing was going to stop me!

The following week (whilst glancing at my gorgeous, enormous new diamond every five seconds) I got the official appraisal amount from the insurance. It was to be much less than I just spent.

"Oh, no big deal, I'll just take it out of savings," says one half of my brain.
"You're an idiot," replied the other half.

After much arguing, more time spent researching options online, I discovered I could get a better quality(slightly smaller) diamond at an online store for the amount I should spend with no taxes and no shipping fees and no setting fees. The niggling asserted itself.

I returned the first ring to the store. Having worked in jewelry retail before myself, I knew they would want to do everything in their power to, "save the sale." Which prepared me for the onslaught. I had my script ready to go.

"I really wish I could keep it, but insurance gave me much less than I expected."

"I want to look for a new one today, but I am waiting to buy anything until I have the check in my hand."

"Let me tell you, I am as sad as you are about this."

I got out relatively unscathed.

And promptly went home and ordered my new ring.

I cannot praise this company enough. They were prompt, professional and delivered exactly what I ordered at such an amazing price. I received my new engagement ring and anniversary band each in shiny wooden boxes. There was a retail appraisal for me to send to my insurance company (for well above the wholesale price I actually paid) as well as my diamond grading report. To anyone who wants to purchase jewelry, I highly, highly recommend Blue Nile. You will not be disappointed.

To say I am pleased would be an understatement. This ring is more beautiful than the first one we bought and just so perfect for me. I am still sad that I lost my original diamond that my amazing husband bought me, it was sentimental and perfect. And I still hope that someday when we move it will miraculously turn up.

I guess I learned a valuable lesson about being more protective and careful of my treasures. I never would have thought it could happen to me. Fortunately, I made out like a bandit.


heather said...

Dang! That's some serious bling! :)

Jean said...

It's absolutely stunning. I love it. I'm glad you love it too and that the delivery man had made it back to the post office by the time you got there. :)

Carbon said...

Wow, you lucky girl you! It is really beautiful. Makes me wanna go get one myself. I was just mesmerized by it!

Jen said...

That ring is gorgeous. Lucky girl.

Cheeky said...

It couldn't have been easy to take the first ring back and return it, but I must say I have an entirely new level of respect for you for being responsible with your money. Is the "new" one smaller? I couldn't tell a difference on Thurs night--I have to totally train myself not to stare, or you can just stick your hand in my face when I'm around you so I won't have to keep sneaking glances! Thank you tons and tons for the flowers-they have been a wonderful pick-me-up.

anne said...

Thanks Cheeks...and yes, it is actually more than a quarter carat smaller. But I love it more for so many reasons. And I'll be happy to shove it in your face next time I see you... ;)

You are welcome. I wanted to bring a smile to your face.

Jen said...

That is a gorgeous ring. I checked out the diamonds on Blue Nile, and I bet it is a pretty expensive ring, too. Congrats on the good find.

anne said...

Thanks, Jen! It is gorgeous. And it wasn't cheap, but much less expensive than if you had gone to a retail store. MUCH less.

girlieH said...