Thursday, August 03, 2006


It's not a place where I choose to shop. In fact, I don't believe I've set foot in one in years. It's not an ethical decision, though for others it may be. It's not a quality choice, though theirs isn't very high. It's not even about accessibility or options, though there aren't many stores available and the ones that are around have a limited selection.

No, it's more of a revenge kind of thing. Granted, my not shopping there doesn't hurt them very much. But it's the principle.

See, W@l-M@%# tried to send me to jail. Yes, you read that right. Let me set up the story for you.

It was the winter of 2000. January. I had just come back to Michigan from being home in New York for about a month for the holidays. I had shopped at said store while in New York and bought about $50 worth or products for gifts, etc. On the way home, my car had broken down in the middle of Ohio. It wasn't fixable. A car needed to be rented to get myself and all of my college stuff back to Michigan. And then I'd need to buy a new car.

I was part of a choir at college and we were going on a missions trip to Hawaii. We were leaving the first week of January for about 10 days.

I was also moving. Out of the dorms and into my first apartment with some girlfriends.

All that to say I was preoccupied. But I got a notice from WM saying that my check had bounced and would I please sent a money order to cover it. Oh?! I hate bouncing checks! I got a money order out immediately and figured all would be well.

After the Hawaii trip, (Which was amazing, by the way. Everyone should go there.) I got myself moved into my apartment, bought a new little car and got my spring class schedule sorted out.

And then I got the letter.

You know the open it up to read, "A warrant has been issued for your arrest, blah, blah, blah, jail." Your heart drops to your stomach and you think you might just pass out. Maybe it's a mistake? No, your name is clearly on the front. It was forwarded to you from your New York address, so it took a while to arrive. But it's definitely you.

Oh, and they sent my money order back. Uncashed. Yes, the warrant was for that $50 bounced check. *ahem* FIFTY FREAKING DOLLARS!!!! Not thousands or hundreds even. FIF-TEE.

I, a straight A student from a good family and a small town and etc and so forth had to go to jail. The worst was that they wouldn't settle this issue over the phone. We had to go all the way back to New York to appear before the court. Saw the judge who told me I had to go over to the jailhouse. Yeah. You read that right too. Anne had to get fingerprinted and photographed. I have a criminal record. The cops were all making fun of me too. Like I was some dangerous felon or something. After that I went back to court and had to pay the original $50 along with court fees. The judged laughed at me a good bit also.

Needless to say, I don't shop at W@l-M@&$ anymore.


andy said...

i appreciate the way you type w@l-M@$# as if it were a swear word. i think we should make it a cuss. how fun would that be!

like "what the w@l-m@$#"

or "son of a W@l-M@$#"

or we could verb it as in "he really w@l-M@$#ted that one up"

Jean said...

dumb. just dumb. are a criminal. you stole andy's heart you know. :)

girlieH said...

I have heard that story before from you, but it still just blows my mind! What a waste of time and energy on Wal...ops the bad words part. INSANE!!

Carbon said...

I don't get why they returned your money order? They wanted interest? That sucks!

I've had to do police clearance checks for jobs before. Did you have any of those? So that must prevent you from travelling out of the country maybe too huh? Well, 7 years it will be off the record.

Very stupid indeed.

anne said...

No, it didn't hinder my country travels. In fact, I went to Israel the next year.

They said they returned the money order because the issue had already gone to the court so it was out of their area. What-ever.