Tuesday, February 20, 2007

First Hike RT07-5

We wanted to hike in Canada, but the hiking trail was plowed over so that you couldn't get in, so we just drove back on the highway.

On our way from New York to Virginia, we stopped in Shenendoah National Park. The skyline driveway was closed due to snow and ice, so we decided to drive up to the barricade, park, and walk.

The trail as well as the skyway was covered with snow, but still made for easy hiking. Good uphill climbs and beautiful views of the valley as well as the creeks and trees and wildlife.

Cardinals fluttering their blood-red wings, woodpeckers hammering at the trees and countless tiny chickadees chirping throughout the branches.

Puppy dog prints, deer hooves and maybe some fox tracks?

What can you find in the woods of Virginia? Just about whatever you can think up in your wildest of imaginations. The rustle of leaves and scrunch of snow underfoot tattles of many animals out in the trees but they will remain hidden. We only see birds and the tracks of those who walked before us.

The weather changes from bright blinding sunshine on the trail to freezing wind and blowing snow higher up on the mountain. We pulled our scarves up over our faces and plowed on. At the top of the Dickey Ridge Trail we switched over to the wider road to walk back down the hills. Because of the thick ice and packed snow over the road we practically skiied the whole way back down to the barricade.

It was a fabulous, breath-taking, exhilerating, (insert other adjective here) hike through the Appalatian Mountains. You get to enjoy our pictures as we do since we don't know when we'll be able to go back. Maybe in the summer next time.


Jean said...

How beautiful! You two are so CUTE! :)

hillary said...

Looks gorgeous!

So did Andy have enough hot water to unstick your tongue from the ice??? ;)

I need to get out for some snowshoeing or something! Winter hiking is SO gorgeous!

I love the pic of you looking up the hill! Very fun!

Cheeky said...

Anne--your eyes are dazzling in that first photo--wow--absolutely gorgeous. We laughed belly laughs at Andy's tree hugging...

SO FUN to e-road trip with you guys and see and read what you're up to while you're doing it--you guys are the coolest road trippers ever.

Carbon said...

Wow, seems like lots of has been seen alreday! I agree with cheeky, you got really pretty eyes :)

Frannie Farmer said...


Anne said...

Thanks for the compliments, guys... :) We had such a blast on this hike...and it was definitely cold, FF, but the uphill climbs helped keep us warm!!

CarmenSinCity said...

I love the pictures - very pretty!

Scrapnqueen said...

You two are SO CUTE! SO. CUTE. And I love love love your red coat. Red is one of my all-time favourite colours. You look so beautiful in it against all that white snow and the skeleton trees.

Are you still on your vacation, or was this a "post-" post?