Saturday, February 10, 2007

Moving Day

Doesn't it always feel like you just got settled somewhere when you have to move again?

Or is it more often that you feel as thought you need something new?

Today my office spaces were moved. I say spaces because I don't really have a true business office anywhere.

In our house I have an office/sewing room/spare bedroom. At my job I have a cubicle area.

Both were due for a change.

My department at the church (children's and family ministries) has been growing quite a bit and there are both new staff members as well as a couple that have been working for some time but haven't ever had an 'official' desk and computer and all that. So everyone from our department, a few kind volunteers as well as a good number of able-bodied men added and rearranged and reassembled cubicles today. Lots of craziness, but all for a great result.

At home the office part of my O/SR/SBR was moved into the library today. We have a renter moving in to the spare bedroom tonight or tomorrow. Since it would be a bit awkward for me to be on my computer while she was sleeping, I moved my desk and all of its various accessories out. The sewing room is still part of the SBR. But only because there's really no where to move my sewing closet. I'll end up sewing in the library, but keeping everything in the renter's bedroom. Hopefully this will work out without too much hassle. I don't really see another option. According to my brother, (the renter is his friend) she has been used to sleeping on a random friend's couch so a real room with a real bed will be great for her!

Busy day. Now for the settling down and getting some work done.


kerrianne said...

I hear you. Life is full of twists and turns. But who am I kidding? Those are my favorite parts about life. I'm hereby looking at every move as an opportunity to down-size. And to have a rad yard sale. Or seven. ; )

heather said...

that WOULD be awkward to be on the computer in the renter's room while she's sleeping. :)