Monday, February 05, 2007


I have to say, I look forward to tax time. Remember how Monica was trying to be less stiff & perfect? And she tried to deny paying bills as soon as they came in the mail? And how people who don't do that are just crazy? Yeah, well, I have to agree. Seriously, isn't it just easier and more fun to pay them right away?

Obviously and of course I have to do the same with taxes. As soon as I have all of the pertinent information I am all over it.

Years ago, when I first gave taxes a try, I was enthralled. Filling in all of the little blanks. Trying to figure out what on earth the instructions were trying to say.

Granted, there was the one year where my husband and I had 12 W-2 between us and I chose to go to an accountant. That was just a little overwhelming for me.

But then TurboTax came out. How much fun is it to enter in all the information and just watch your refund go up in the corner?

Last year my paychecks had been calculated incorrectly and there wasn't enough taken out. We got a very small refund last year. As we all know, the government is using our money in the meanwhile, so it's really ok that we received a small refund.

However, there's just something so rewarding about a bigger one. Fortunately, I'm the kind of person who sees extra money as a way to pay off bills and debt. (I don't know how I will be if there comes a day when we don't have debt...)

This year we are paying off our credit card. It had been accumulating through the summer with all of our projects and various emergencies (see: hot water heater, car accident, etc). The weight that is lifted from my shoulders for that kind of thing is unbelievable. I am so very excited!

Hooray for taxes!


kerrianne said...

I always liked Monica's anal-retentiveness. And: I filed my taxes on the first! And I felt so, well, organized! It was pretty awesome. Probably won't happen again in my life-time, but I'm relishing it until next year. : )

Hillary said...

Hooray for refunds, anyway! ;)

Jen said...

I am like you. I like to get them done right away. Unfortunately this year, I am still waiting for some 10-98 forms from lenders to arrive in the mail, so we haven't been able to get started. But as soon as they get here we will get them done.

Jean said...

Congrats! :)

Scrapnqueen said...

Despite the fact that I didn't get my taxes done until September last year (Eeep!), I usually feel relieved when I finish them. Just, with my business, they are kind of a lot of work nowadays. Nothing simple like entering in numbers off a T4 slip and calling 'er good. Sigh. Plus, I'm two months behind on my books right now, too, so it looks like I won't be quite as much of a keener as you this year!

However, I LOVE when my husband's tax return comes. Last year, we paid off my last student loan. This year, we will be putting a new transmission in our van, and putting money toward our NEW HOUSE that we're building! YAAAAY! (Normally, we pay off loads of debt, too, but this year, we have apparently chosen to go into debt. Or rather, reduce it in the long run, as our new place should leave us with a significantly lower mortgage and monthly taxes, etc., than our current residence.)

Whew! Sorry so long-winded! Hope you are having a great day! Love your apron projects, btw. So cute!

Stacey said...

People always look at me funny when voice my excitment about tax time. But, it's so great to have that extra money for bills (I'm with you on the debt thing). But, this year's refund is going toward a down payment on my new car that I'll be buying at the end of the year ... I feel it's a great way to spend the money Uncle Sam owes me. :)

Tuesday Girl said...

I like our tax returns too, pay off debt and start fresh.

Oh and yeah, buy myself something! : )