Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Oh Dear. Our Long Road Trip Episode One

So, we're leaving in about a half hour but I'm rather distraught and need some advice.

So far our renter* has seemed really nice and easy-going and whatnot. Frankly, it's not a big deal whether she's tidy or her own room. When it comes to whatever she chooses to do outside of the house is also long as she doesn't bring it in.

She's been so worried that she's been loud at night and we haven't heard a thing. We've gotten pretty used to my brother coming in late that we can sleep through quite a lot. Yet it is rather difficult to sleep through a drunk man stumbling from here room, slamming the door open, running through the hall to the bathroom where he slams that door shut and begins to, uh, undo being drunk.


I really don't want to stress out about what is going on while I'm gone. Theoretically, as long as all looks ok when we come back it shouldn't really matter, right? But now I have worries.

If I have to send my wide-awake husband into your room to tell you that your friend needs to, at the very least, go downstairs, then we have a problem, right? Especially when we have to get up early and drive all day long the next day.

I want to be respectful of her, but how do I respond when I feel like she isn't being respectful to us? Or is it just a simple time of a bad decision?

I don't want to be a jerk and I don't want to be condescending or whatever, but I honestly don't know how to respond. Do I ignore it until I get back and just pray the house and everything in it is still in tact?

Sigh. Happy Valentine's, folks.

*a friend of my brother is living in our spare room


sarah cool said...

Happy Valentine's Day Anne!!

And.. on to your post.

Uh.... yeah, I would be feeling the exact same way.

Maybe a talk w/ your renter about expectations while you're gone would be good, and it would seem natural, uh, because, you're about to leave. And say things like, "keep things clean, feed the cats, water the plants, make your drunk friends puke in the neighbors yard not our bathrooms" etc.

Good luck! I'll say a little prayer this works out!!

HAVE FUN!!!!!!! BE SAFE!!!!! BLOG LOTS!!!!

heather said...

BE HONEST WITH HER before you leave!! You'll feel a lot better on your vacation. And it IS your house... Hope it goes well. Drive safely!!

Jean said...

Talk to her. Though you're already gone, and if you haven't talked to her, talk to her when you get back.

I will be praying for you and hope you make it to grandma's safely!!

Cheeky said...

Renters! If they would just pay us the money and not live in our houses it would be so PERFECT!

Frannie Farmer said...

You gotta talk .. otherwise it will just fester. And festering is really, really bad for YOU!

sarah cool said...

Cheeky, I TOTALLY AGREE. I'd have like 8 renters in that perfect scenario!!! I'd be rolling in it!