Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Vacation Doesn't End RT07-8b

Florida is 80 degrees. We're spending the day at the beach on Sanibel. Andy's sister & brother-in-law have been very hospitable...their kitty has not. She pretends she's never met us and only lets you pet her on the very top of the head--and only for about three swipes and she's done.

No camera cable to transfer pictures, but there are many many more to come. I'll have a ton to update my flickr page when we get back.

Just wanted to let everyone know I was still alive and on the road! Tomorrow we're headed for Hotlanta.

A project for you. Tell me a story about your favorite pet as a kid. If you didn't have one, tell me about why your parents wouldn't let you!


Jean said...

Hope you are having fun at the beach!!

My favorite pet was my cat. She was my 13th birthday present (came from another home where the family was moving). She was a tiger kitty and her name was Sally. I nick named her Kiwi. She was my best friend and I loved her like no other pet we had. She had her own leash and I took her on walks. The following year, we moved and she was my only friend. Unfortunately, she was hit by a car and I had never cried so much.

Anne said...

We are having a lovely beach time... :)

Sad story. :(

heather said...

i want to know how the heck you PACKED for this trip without bringing your entire closet! you've experienced ALL kinds of weather - ALL kinds. :)

heather said...
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sarah cool said...

My first pet was a truly evil and diabolical Siamese cat named Daisy.

My parents bought her before I was born, and she never recovered from the trauma of having a small child around.

She wasn't declawed, and one time she was on the kitchen table, and my cousin Scott walked by (he was a teenager at the time), and she LEAPT ONTO HIS BACK WITH ALL OF HER CLAWS OUT AND CLUNG ON FOR DEAR LIFE, HISSING AND TRYING TO BITE HIM AS HE RAN AROUND SCREAMING.

We have pictures of her sticking her paws through my crib bars towards me, claws fully extended. (Um, thanks parents for taking a picture instead of saving me!)

No lie, she was evil. And cross-eyed.

But I was still very sad when she passed away. She liked to sleep on my back, if I was lying on my stomach on a bed. It was sweet.