Monday, February 19, 2007

of all the things we've seen... RT07-4 wife makes me "guest blog" on this one. yup. been in lots of cities and seen lots of friends. seen lots of friends' pets as well. and actually one of these is our friends neighbors dog. connor, i think his name is (toby is the other). so we are sitting in our friends kitchen eating breakfast and hear a knock on the door. toby (dog) runs to the door. turns out it's connor coming over to play. so they open the door and they run out and in and all over. quite funny.

okay, now i've explained the picture and can say whatever i desire. so hi. i'm andy, the guest blogger. you may know me from my previous masterpiece (101 things about anne by andy). yes, i'll sign your copy next time you see me...what, you don't have it printed off and framed?

we are in south carolina. much warmer here than in MI. *yay* and this is our first chance to upload pictures we've taken from the trip so far. have no fear, there will be plenty of posts. hopefully in order. hopefully written by anne, so that there is actually relevant info. but right now she is too lazy to write, type or post. hence me here writing nothing in particular. and yet you continue to read...i guess i would too. so i'll give you some fun information that might not otherwise make it into a post.

first a quick quiz...what do the simpsons, batman and desperate housewives have in common? anyone? anyone? yup, that's right! they all have music (or themes) written by danny elfman. yup, i'm a big danny elfman fan and while at a borders books in erie, PA i discover a CD of symphonic works by mr. elfman. and we had a gift card. so guess what i bought! hmm...that wasn't as exciting of a post as i thought. hard to emote in type.

so is it good? i know you are wondering. well, i haven't actually listened to it yet...still in the packaging. but the title is cool: "Serenada Schizophrana" which makes sense for something from danny (yeah, we're on a first name basis).

oh, and in the previous post you will notice that "schizophrenic" was spelled right (spelt write)...yeah, that's because anne asked me how to spell it. any of you who know us will know the extreme irony, not only that she asked but that i got it right! (rite)

off i go. been nice to meet you all!


Jean said...

Welcome Andy.
Glad you found a schizophrenic jewel.
Enjoy the warm weather.
It was 50 here yesterday.
Good post.

Jen said...

Hi Andy. Nice to meet ya. Missed ya Anne.