Monday, February 12, 2007

This is the Part of the Show that We Like to Call Crowd Participation

I need a bunch of recommendations for good, healthy, filling road trip snacks.

We know fast food will come into play in our 14 days on the road, but have made a pact to a. Not drink soda and b. Only eat chicken sandwiches and salads from these places.

But I also know part of the problem of road-eating is the snacking along the way. I know we'll buy a big bag of combos and there will be candy consumption.

However, I want to have some better choices. Jean, Heather, Jenna, Brooke--I especially need your help here, but I could use a lot of tell me about your favorite relatively-healthy snack that can easily be eaten while driving and will hopefully keep us from gorging on junk food.

I plan on blogging from the road. Many adventures will be had and I'm sure you will want to know every single detail...


Shawn said...

Granola bars, yogurt (our preference is yoplait whips), and cheese and crackers. That's what we snacked on during our 15hr drive to NY over Christmas.

Radioactive Jam said...

D.I.Y. gorp. With the usual bits plus raisins and/or craisins and! butterscotch chips. Unless of course a majority finds them disgusting.

Probably not going to win any low fat awards but still.

Cheeky said...

Pretzels are a crunchy munchy low in fat, but high in sodium--make sure you have plenty of water.

Nuts (especially almonds in case anyone's headachey in the car) are a great snack to quell hunger and give you a bunch of protein and make you feel fuller. Again the sodium thing and need for water.

Carrots and celery travel and keep and crunch well (as does a jar of peanut butter to dip the celery in). And if you have a jar of PB you can take some apples to eat and/or dip as well. Bananas (4 lbs/$1 at D&W this week) blueberries keep pretty well and are a great little "splurge" snack and super high in anti-oxidants.

I also like individually wrapped string cheese for long trips--it's cold enough you could keep those, some Go-gurts and anything else that needs to keep chilled in there.

I have boxes and boxes of healthy cereals of you like eating dry cereal? I'm happy to donate to your healthy food stash for the trip!

anne said...

Such great suggestions, guys!!

And Cheeky, I would love some healthy cereal. Andy's not such a big fan, but I am. We'll trade off tomorrow night as I have something for you also! :)

heather said...

nuts are my favorite snack - especially when wandering around a gas station looking for something semi-healthy.

remember to keep drinking water - even if you have to stop more often.

we also like to pack apples and bananas and other favorite fruits to snack on - plus, when the healthy stuff is available, i tend to eat it. :)

so glad you're thinking ahead - that's the most important way to insure healthy eating in any situation!

have fun!!

Jean said...

Guess Blogger didn't like my previous post as it didn't take, so here it is again.

Pecans, raisins, loose granola, grapes, apples, oranges, craisins, veggies, light butter popcorn, cashews, mixture of all, peanuts, baked chips, crackers like Tricuts.

And for not healthy: gummies and Hot Tamales.