Saturday, January 05, 2008


G'mornin. Nothing new here. No babies running about just yet. Course, my husband says he expects to go into the hospital right after dinner tonight. Might as well just call ahead and reserve a room, he says.

I've been keeping as busy as possible...lots of random jobs that I have always said I should do someday. Today on the agenda is cleaning out the fish tank and the front hall closet as well as getting a bunch of stuff ready for Salvation Army to pick up on Monday. Some call it nesting, I just call it "doing stuff."

Tonight we're planning a date night with dinner & a movie. We've also been watching the first two seasons of Rome. Along with which I watched Ben Hur the other day.

It is so strange not having to go to work. All of my work has been prepared for my replacements for the next many weeks.

I do find that "letting go" is much harder than I thought it would be. There have been weeks here and there that I have had someone else fill in for me but this is a really long stretch. What if they don't need me anymore? What if my replacements do a better job than I can do? What if? That "you're not good enough" monster is peeking his head around the corner.

The nursery is finally finished. I had someone who was going to do a mural for us, but it didn't seem to work out. Despite that, I think it is cozy and just right.

I actually think it is a little cramped in some spots, but what can you do with an old house and tiny bedrooms?

We have been excessively blessed with all the gifts we have been given. Hand-made blankets & quilts, all of the furniture, clothes and everything. Even most of the items we bought have been with gift cards or gifts of money.

This little girl is going to be well-loved. At least we're really crossing our fingers that it's going to be a girl...otherwise he is going to love pink.


Anonymous said...

I keep checking hoping for some new news! Oh, I just thought...I have a homemade baby wipes recipe that I use for my girls if you're interested in it. It doesn't travel well so I use store bought ones for the diaper bag, but the others I use at home. Let me know if you want it.
I'm home in NY for a few more weeks. Got in middle of last week and we're finishing our first week of no Daddy. But we're finally working into a schedule with Alayna since things have been so crazy since she's been born with so much family in town. Hopefully we'll get everything under control soon! :)
Keep us posted! We're anxious to hear!

Anonymous said...

Sorry...the last post was from me...Becky D.

bbdow30 said...

You'll have to let me know how using the cloth diapers works out for you. I can't even begin to imagine having enough time now with 2 to make them work. I'm pumping milk for all of her feedings now (lots of stuff that went into that decision). And it seems like I'm just a milking machine...don't have time for much else. But then again using cloth diapers may differ now from when my Mom did them with Kathy. I'd love to hear what you think about them though.

Jean said...

1. Princess' room looks absolutely amazing and so very homey and comfy.

2. There's no way you could be replaced. You tell that monster to just go back where he came from. You amaze me in all that you do (with now knowing all that goes into what you do with filling in for you for the next weeks. That was a really weird sentence.). Thank YOU for all you do to make it a smoooooth transition and there's no way any one could replace energetic, vibrant, love-for-kids, you! :)

anne said...

Beck, I would love your wipes info! And yes...the diapers are completely different now than they were even a few years ago! Really, they're pretty similar to 'regular' diapers except that you wash them. I'm not planning on using them for a month or two, but am going to start buying one or two to try out which ones I like best!

Thanks, Jean. :) In my head I know all that, but it is still hard sometimes!

Jessica said...

I'll be praying for you. This next stretch was by hard the worst part because you know you are so close...yet nothing! It is so worth the wait though. Trust me when I say: Take Advantage of the Sleep You Can Get Now!

Hillary said...

Ooooh! Baby already has an impressive library. But really, could we expect anything different??? :)

Praying for you! :)

heather said...

anne - the nursery looks so cozy and calm - which is good since baby won't notice and you're the one who has to spend all the time in there hanging out with her. and yes, i too hope with all hope it's a girl - otherwise, that boy is surely going to love him some pink!

anne said...

Jess, it is strange to wonder when the time will come. Will the days just keep stretching ahead with very little to do or will it be tonight? But yes, we are appreciating our sleep, don't worry!!

She does have a great library, Hills!! I have saved all my books from when I was a kid and we have been given tons of fabulous new ones!! In fact, she has so many, she already needs a second bookcase. I can't wait to teach her to read them all!

Heather, you're right, it is a calm and cozy room. I look forward to sitting in there with her... :) Hopefully her...