Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Of Barfing and Boots

Last Friday was a girls' day out. We were going first to a lunch with a bunch of other women from the church so we got baby all dressed in her cutest little outfit with sweet pink boots, ("What are these things on my feet?! I love them! I must have closets full of them!") and packed snugly into her car seat when--

She barfed all over herself. All over her cutest little outfit. All over the car seat. Fortunately, the fabulous little bitty boots were spared.

We got her out, I changed her into a cute, (but not quite as cute) outfit as the first while daddy cleaned out the car seat.

The lunch was lovely and she behaved so very well. Afterwards we did a little shopping for a couple necessities, (basically I shopped and she napped, we'll teach her the art of shopping soon enough) and then stopped at a friends' who loaned us the mayawrap.

For her first big outing she had a great time and didn't fuss at all.

Saturday night was her first time at church and she did wonderfully. It was a long evening as we had to go in early with Dad for the band rehearsal. She was super good and put up well with all the oohing and ahhing and being passed around. I decided Saturday would be the best service to take her to as there aren't quite as many people to worry about quite as many germs.

I wasn't sure how she would do with the loud music, but as I held her in the back of the room and sang at the top of my lungs, she fell right asleep! Apparently, it wasn't all that different from what she had already heard for nine months, just more clear.

For me it was a great night as I was able to sing in one of the classrooms again. It felt so great to sing and dance and enjoy worship with the kids again. Plus, I need the exercise!


Cheeky said...

I had no idea she had barfed and was wearing her second-best on Friday. I see so much Andy in her--it's funny!

Jean said...

How cute are those little boots!?!

Anonymous said...

I thought that said "Of Barfing and Boobs" which is frankly equally appropriate with a newborn. I will be awaiting that post.

Kris said...

Yes, they just seem to know the worst times to spit up all over. Leah always does that 3x more when my friend comes to watch her. it's almost embarassing. do babies get separation anxiety? ;)

cindy said...

i must say that while i was DYING to hold her Saturday night, i refrained simply because of the germ factor.

i remember when david was that small...i made everyone wash their hands before holding him. :o)

if there had been purell nearby, i would have swooped her up.