Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Of Walking and Eating

The weather today was such that it was absolutely nice enough to go out for a walk. We bundled up, hooked on the back/front pack and headed down the sidewalk to our neighborhood grocery.

The signs in the windows proclaim that all products are 50% off. The employees don't even know if the store is remodeling, being bought out, or going out of business. They just know that there isn't much left to buy. We stocked up on a few bathroom items, dry goods and snacks, loaded them into my handy-dandy home made grocery bags and walked back home.

As an aside, everyone should have some of these bags. They are so much sturdier than the plastic ones, hold way more and won't destroy the environment! I'm thinking about carrying them in my Etsy shop. I found this Christmas I could whip one out in less than an hour. They're super cute and will last a very long time.

Back to our outing.

Here I have a confession to make. After we got home and dropped off the groceries I went back out. For lunch. At McDonald's. I know, I know!! But I was SO craving fries, a chicken sandwich and a sprite that I couldn't help it! Plus, it's only around the corner and I was so hungry. I promise to eat something super healthy for dinner. Also, I will be drinking tons of water to wash it all out. Though I can't necessarily say I regret my decision. It was quite yummy.

Now baby is napping in her cozy mayawrap sling and I have some housework to do. For any of you baby-fans, pictures of our sweet little pooper will be forthcoming.


Hillary said...

"any of us baby fans?" Anne, we're ALL baby fans!!! :)

ok ok, and we love you, too! ;) *grin*

Weird about the grocery store. It's handy to have it so close, it would be too bad if it moved!

(and erg! You totally made me crave Mickey D's. Resist! Resist! Oh dang, there's a new one down the street with funky retro decor. I might have to cave....)

Anonymous said...

McDonalds how I love your fries. I took the girls through the drive thru today and it took all my will power not to partake. then tonight I made brownies and ate too many so I should have just got the darn fries.

Jean said...

i'm thinking another sewing party needs to take place where there is a plethera of those shopping bags made...just a thought...