Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Baby Dedication

Dear Randi-

You are fearfully and wonderfully made, and cleverly and thoughtfully named as well. Randall Gabrielle F is a name with a strong family connection and one with a lot of history. We chose this because family is important to us as well as a sense of your heritage, but more than in a genealogical way. We believe that as children of God we are part of a lineage that traces back to the foundations of humanity itself. May your name remind you that you are part of something that is bigger than what we know and broader than what we can imagine.

You will grow up surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses; parents and grandparents and great grandparent s; sisters, brothers, aunts and uncles; generations of our family have chased after our Lord and Savior and we pray that our stories and examples would challenge you to do the same. Never forget that you are part of something Big. Our God has spent all of history building for himself a nation, a kingdom, a priesthood… a family who will be his light and blessing to a very beautiful yet broken world in need of redemption and restoration. But in this big story our prayer is that you would come to realize the unique and individual way that God has called and designed you to be His child in His world.

We loved the name Gabrielle and it reminds us of the angel Gabriel. In German, Randi means beautiful and you, our sweet daughter, are our Beautiful Angel. Every day you are more precious and more beautiful to us. We can’t stop looking at you and loving every moment of your life.

Everyone is always commenting on who you look like. Sometimes it’s Mama and sometimes it’s Daddy. We just know that you are going to be a part of us both and altogether yourself. You are becoming your own person more every day and it is going to be so much fun to see you grow up and discover who you are! May you rejoice in who God has made you and always strive to become the woman He designed you to be.

You will always be loved unconditionally. Even now, there is nothing that you could do or have done to make us love you more or less. God has specifically given you to us, and us to you and we love you for exactly who you are.

We hope you are fun and silly and can appreciate your Daddy’s sense of humor! We hope you will love art and music, animals and the beauty everywhere around you.

May you grow in wisdom and stature (but not too tall!). May you grow in favor with God and with man (but not with men until you are at least 30!). May you know the goodness of your Savior and show His love to everyone you meet. May your heart be soft yet strong, and your mind sharp and thoughtful. May you be pure and honest, full of grace and truth. We desire the very best for you and your life and will do everything in our power to teach you and raise you up in the way you should go. By the grace of God we give you back to him. Today we dedicate ourselves in His service to bring you up in His Word and with His love.

We love you our blessed daughter.

Love, Mama & Daddy


heather said...

this is really beautiful, anne. i love the 'being part of a bigger story' part. beautiful. i'm so happy for you guys - your family is beautiful. :)

Hillary said...

So lovely, Anne! Thanks for sharing your words to Randi. So touching. You are a wonderful momma and Randi is so fortunate to have you and Andy as parents.

And, sidenote - I love the new (new-ish?) haircut! It looks great!

Cindy said...

beautifully said, anne. made me cry some very happy tears. we are part of such an amazing story...

Anonymous said...

Beautifully said.

Mariahs Mom said...

She is so precious. I am so happy God gave her to you. Kids are such a great blessing from the Lord. I can't believe my "baby" will be 3 next week. Time flies sooooo fast!!!

Tricia :)

Jean said...

Your daughter is beautifully and wonderfully made. Course, this is no surprise as her parents are made this way too. :)