Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Stuff I've Done (Beacase It Makes me Feel Good to Make a List) (Also Because It's Nice Not to Have to Check Grammar)

I've kind of been a bit of a Suzy Homemaker the past couple of days. Daddy's gotten extra baby time as I occupy myself with various and sundry domestic tasks including, but not limited to:



tortilla chips



banana bread

spaghetti sauce

Cooking several actual dinners for my family

Weeding both flower & vegetable gardens and planting my front step planters. (Granted, I had an excessive amount of help weeding & planting from a friend. Even though she did it out of the goodness of her heart (Plus? She likes weeding!) I paid with dinner & DQ, but I am still indebted!)

Cleaned for and had a fantastic Memorial Day BBQ



aprons (hooray for a sale!)


binkie straps

I have another big sewing project I'm working on and will post pics after I'm done. It's something I've never made before so I'm really hoping it turns out well!


Jean said...

brownies, hummus, bread, chips, salsa....very yummy!!!!

i'm sure your new secret sewing adventure will turn out terrific!

yay for a sale!!

Anonymous said...

you sure keep yourself busy. It is always good for daddy to have a little extra one on one time too:-)

Becky Dow said...

I just got a great recipe for salsa that I'm anxious to try! It's actually the copycat recipe for the salsa from Chili's. I loved it when we were there the other day that I thought I'd try it out at home.
But I guess it'll have to go on the back burner for awhile. You asked where we were going with Brandon on his next trip...we leave Saturday for a month long training stint back out at Altus AFB in OK. We'll be staying in a one bedroom, plus small combined living room/kitchen...ALL 4 of us!! Should be interesting!! Especially when the temps there right now are pushing 100 every day! :) So, we'll have to spend a good portion of time inside or at the poolside...especially with a baby so small! But the girls and I will be making a side trip to Colorado Springs to visit some friends and then we'll go back and pick up Brandon and head out to ABQ and see friends where we used to live...and get some good Green Chili Chicken soup we've been missing terribly! :)
Glad to hear you had a great weekend!! And got lots done too! That always makes a body feel good!

anne said...

:) Thanks Jean, you're such a good encourager!

Ruth, you wouldn't believe the many days I do a whole lot of nothing...

I hope you can find a bunch of good indoor things to do, Becky. Regardless of the heat and small quarters I'm glad you get to stay with Brandon! He needs to do a training in Michigan some time! That would be fabulous! :)

Scrapnqueen said...

Hmm, I wonder who the aprons were for? *blink, blink doe eyes*

Sounds like productivity is blooming at your house. Maybe I'll get to do that soon, too! When my life settles down a smidge.


Queen of Shake-Shake said...

Is that homemade mexican food? Here comes the over-eating.

Melinda said...

I just saw this post. You crack me up! Yes, I'm a freak that I love weeding. And no, you're not indebted. I enjoyed helping out and having time with you!! Plus I learned how to make chips and salsa. :)

much love to ya! we need to hang out again soon!!

Kristin said...

Hi, I found your blog via a comment you left on another blog about cloth diapering. Can you recommend a sewing pattern for cloth diapers for me? I'm a decent sewer but I don't have a very fancy machine. Thanks!

anne said...

Kristen...I actually bought a pattern on ebay. It was a whole pack of patterns: diapers, baby sling, crib accessories, etc. I think they were called Peace Diapers. They are extremely easy to make! :)