Saturday, May 10, 2008

Month Four

This month has been full of all kinds of craziness! You met your namesake, your grandma, tons of great-aunts & uncles and even great-great aunts! Our trip to New York, while planned, ended up being completely different than we expected. Even though mama was stressed out the entire time, you took it all in stride and loved everyone you met.

You were spectacular on every flight and slept through the night like a champ. Granted, you refused to sleep in the pack & play we hauled around with us and chose your carseat instead, but we were just happy you slept!

This month you learned to roll from your back onto your belly and as soon as you found yourself there for too long, you let us know how unhappy you were about it! Rolling back and forth and all around was your favorite past-time for a few weeks and then you just stopped doing it. It was as if you had accomplished a task, checked it off of your list and moved on to something new.

We have started instituting "nekked time" every evening for about a half hour. There are few things that make you happier than rolling around and playing without your clothes or diaper on. I always make sure to keep a couple cloth diapers under you to protect the carpet, but so far there haven't been any squirting problems! You are so stinking much fun that I love to just watch you play and roll and smile you gummy little smile.

Bath time is still one of your favorite times of the day. You never seem to laugh or smile during your bath, but you are so quiet and content and enthralled with the whole process. We just bought you some new bath toys too...not that you can play with them yet, but you'll have fun with them when you are able.

It seems as though you will only take short naps during the day unless you are being held and snuggled, in which case, you'll sleep for hours. Sometimes it is frustrating as I want or need to get stuff done, but when I'm holding you and watching your sweet little face, I don't mind one bit. I don't think there can be anything better than snuggling with a sleeping baby.

We haven't heard it very often, but every now and then your laughs have come out as actual giggles. Usually, you will laugh at our silly faces and get so excited to "run" and "jump" and love being held up high and then float down to our laps. Yet it's rare that we hear a giggle come out...but this month we have heard a few. It's amazing the things we'll do to try to get you to laugh and smile. We must look like complete idiots, but you love it.

You keep getting bigger and sweeter every single day. I love to dress you up and show you off. I love to take you for a walk and let you look at everything around you. I love to kiss your little mouth and chubby belly. I love to hold your tiny hands and nibble your teeny toes.

This month we dedicated ourselves and you to God. Hopefully, we remember all that we promised and that we will do our very best for you.


Jean said...

Such sweet pictures! I love her polka dot/stripe outfit. And of course the contagious smile! :)

anne said...

Isn't that smile just the best!?

Dawn said...

Happy Mother's Day, Anniebella...
She is beautiful.


Jen said...

I love that smile! Did she do that on her own?